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Microsoft’s Surface Book i7 Looks Familiar But With More Graphics Power

We know that the Surface Book was the most powerful laptop that Microsoft could develop last year. This season it is further updated with a much more capable hardware. This new model is going to be known as Surface Book i7. 

Microsoft introduces the Skylake Intel processors (specifically a Core i7) to its laptops and hence the name.  It ensures that its graphics power is double compared to that of last year’s model. It uses the Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU to power the display. The screen size remains the same, at 13.5 inch with a  resolution of 3000×2000 pixels.


microsoft surface book i7

The design and engineering work done with Surface Book last year was perfect. Maybe Microsoft were very convinced with the design that the Surface Book i7 launched this season only comes with updated specifications without any changes to the external aspects of the already perfectly designed product.

However, there is an internal redesign with addition of  a second fan for better cooling and better performance while working with videos. Microsoft’s Surface Book cannot be put away from the competition and says it is three times more powerful than a 2013 MacBook Pro. However, the Surface Book i7 will be a direct competitor to the MacBook Pro 2016.

With respect to the battery, it is said to be able to last for 16 hours in portable mode (30% more than last year’s model). And considering that this is a hybrid Surface Book (the screen can be separated from the computer) the battery life is pretty good.

This will be best product for those who are looking for a mobile workstation, or a serious gaming laptop.

Unfortunately, the Surface Book won’t be cheap. The updated Surface Book will go on sale in November with starting price being $ 2,400. The prices for all the available storage options i.e. 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB configurations will be available for $2,399, $2,799, and $3,299, respectively.

Microsoft also introduced in the same conference, the first Microsoft all-in-one desktop computer titled Surface Studio with the innovative Surface Dial and announced the Creators Update in early 2017. It is specifically designed keeping creators and professionals in mind.

The New Surface Book i7

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