Here Are A Few Most Used File Name Extensions
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Here Are Some Of The Most Used File Name Extensions

The file name extension is simply the extended part in the file name which specifies the type of data present in the file. This extension is useful both to the computer and the users. But do you know how many such file name extensions exist?? When I came to know about the answer I was a little amazed or shocked to say the least. Actually there are 6,888 file name extensions in total. And around 7,228 programs which support these file name extensions. Learning about all these file name extensions at once is a hectic job. So in this article we discuss with you about the 5 most used file name extensions.

5 Most Used File Name Extensions:

Here Are A Few Most Used File Name Extensions , Used File Name Extensions

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Here are the top 5 most used file name extensions by computer users. Note that they follow no necessary order.

1.).doc – The .doc (Document) is the file name extension for files created by a word processing software. Microsoft Office Word is the most famous word processing software. The other word processors include the AbiWord, Apple Pages, IBM Lotus Symphony and so on, which can all read and write .doc files.

2.).jpg – The .jpg is the file name extension for many of the images we see in our computer and over the internet. It is the compressed graphic format of digital photography. The speciatlity of these .jpg or .jpeg images is that we can achieve 10:1 compression with no loss in effects. The files with this file name extension can be accessed through umpteen numbers of software.

3.).exe – The filename extension for many of the executable programs is .exe. This file name extension is highly used in the Windows, Symbian, DOS operating systems. Files with this file name extension are programs and runs automatically when they are opened. No special softwares are required to access these file types.

4.).mp3 – The .mp3 is a audio format file name extension designed by the Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG). It is the most common audio format file name extension. The files with these file name extensions contain audio which is very much compressed, yet delivers the audio with good quality (though not as much as the high capacity .AIF files).

5.).html – The .html is a file name extension in web pages. It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is used to create almost all of the web pages (excluding .aspx web pages). The .html and .htm extensions are similar. Each and every web page has either of these extensions and you can find it in the address bar of this web page as you read.

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