apple new macbook pro 2016

Apple’s New MacBook Pro: Goodbye to ‘Function Keys’ And ‘Touch Bar’ Is Here

After a lot of rumours and waiting, today we finally get to see the the new Apple MacBook Pro. Apple revealed the models of new MacBook Pro confirming rumours that they will have the secondary OLED display on the keyboard.

apple new macbook pro 2016

Tim Cook recalled that this week is the 25th anniversary of the MacBook, and reviewed the various notebooks Apple has built throughout this time. He also highlighted the fact that this new MacBook Pro is the thinnest of all notebooks manufactured and comes with the most awaited Touch ID integration.

The New MacBook Pro 2016 specs

13 – inch MacBook Pro

13-inch new macbook pro 201615-inch MacBook Pro

15-inch new macbook pro 2016

The OLED Bar Is A Stunning New Addition

The secondary OLED bar called as the Touch Bar will replace the function keys that are hardly used. This replacement also means that Apple promises the new MacBook Pro users more versatile experience.

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This touch interface is designed to change depending on the application running in the foreground, displaying options specific to each application. Users can also customize the options they see on this Touch Bar as simply as dragging items from the home screen to the bottom of the screen.

apple new macbook pro touch bar

This Touch Bar is amazing and houses all the routinely used controls like the volume and brightness. Also the virtual button introduced for Siri in Sierra operating system can also be accessed from this Touch Bar.

This Touch Bar is even more fun while using apps like Photos. While you are in the Photos app, the bar transforms into a reel showing the filmstrip similar to the one we see in the Gallery of iOS. It also assists when editing from the app, being a slider to guide the photograph or increase or decrease a parameter such as brightness or saturation.

Improved Brightness and Power

There is also an improvement to screens of the new MacBooks. These improvements are in the parameters such as brightness and color. In these new MacBooks we have 67% more brightness & contrast and a 25% more color , for both the 13 and 15 inches displays.

The new MacBooks come with Intel Core i5 or i7 , featuring 8 GB of RAM and the SSD storage promises to be twice as faster than the earlier with 3.1 GB per second and up to 2 TB of storage. The graphics stack upto 4GB VRAM with Polaris architecture based Radeon Pro 450, 455 and 460 models. As usual, there is also improvement in performance of 3D graphics, games and video editing.

new macbook pro 2016

Coming to the ports, which were ultimately a subject of huge anticipation and controversy, the new MacBook Pro has four Thunderbolt three ports. These are distributed two on each side and there will be only USB (and audio jack) ports. The innovation here is that any of these ports can be used not only for information transmission through connecting peripherals but all of them can be used as charger connections.

There is also a renewed cooling system in place in these new MacBooks. They have also emphasized about an improvement in terms of the speakers. Compared to previous MacBooks these are said to have high dynamic range.

Security Upgrade to MacBook Pro

Another “no surprise” is the Touch ID, which also stuck in the flood of leaks. To support Touch ID, the new MacBook Pro comes with a new chip, the Apple T1 and can be accessed by putting your finger on the right corner of the Touch Bar.

new macbook pro

The trackpad is also bigger compared to what was present before, and of course integrates Force Touch.


apple new macbook pro 2016

The new Apple notebooks will be available in three different varieties depending on configuration and incorporating the new Touch Bar and Touch ID. There is also a 13 – inch model with standard keyboard available and it doesn’t have the new Touch Bar. The availability depends on the model, and most basic is the first to be on sale from October 31, the rest in 2-4 weeks depending on region.

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