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Online Gaming Websites to get past a boring day

Surely every one of us must have spent some time on the online gaming websites in the past and probably a favorite pastime to many. Although they can’t replace or even cannot be compared to all the mega games but are undoubtedly fun and relaxing way to spend some quality time on the network when bored in your office or at home.

While most of these online gaming websites offer flash content, it sometimes becomes irritating if the website is poorly designed or a money laundering platform. To help you get rid of all such troubles, we have picked up several online gaming websites where you can play many free online games and mind you, some could ask you to pay.

4 Best Online Gaming Websites For You:


online gaming website pogo

Without doubt Pogo is one of the best online gaming sites, with lot of multiplayer games. A huge community of gamers will also accompany you on this online gaming website. In Pogo, we can find a great variety of games that allow us to win tokens with which we can customize our avatar and thereby increase our overall ranking within the community.

The specialty in Pogo is that it offers licensed games like Monopoly or Trivial completely for free. If you want to access richer content, then you can always join Club Pogo. Here members can access more features of games.



online gaming website minigames

Minigames is another top class online gaming websites, and for me one of the best. Its database of online games is free and huge, so we can find many games. All these games are divided into several categories and I bet completing all these games wouldn’t be possible, even if you tried all day. Similar to Pogo, it also offers a multiplayer section, and we can find many games as well as other sections such as real – time games or deluxe games.


Gimme5 Games

online gaming website gimme5games

The online gaming website is relatively simple on the eyes which is a big plus to the UX. Since when this website was recommended by my friend, I was one of my biggest pass time and it is one of the free online games that usually have reference. It has a much-appreciated social layer, ie user community nicely woven around it. You can also free download games for iPhone and iPod.



online gaming website kongregate

It is one of the pages of online games community of users, systems and other popular rankings. The truth is that this website is very well designed in how it features and the options, and the amount of games and also in the type of games themselves. Though few of my friends didn’t like Kongregate like the other online gaming websites but have to admit it is one of the best pages of free online games.


Although there are several other popular online gaming websites out there, these websites will provide you all the fun you need. I believe the best way in approaching these online gaming websites is by trying all of them and switching in between instead of staying stuck with just one or the other website forever.

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