Popular IT Certifications 2017

The Most Popular IT Certifications in demand 2017

A career in IT is always lucrative and exciting. Working in and with new digital technologies involves lots of perks and privileges, and heavy salary packages.

It is also engaging to the core, and you can begin with an entry level certification (no need for the Master and Ph.D. degrees).

IT Certifications in Demand In 2017

The usefulness of given software makes it hot across industries, and there are some IT certifications that are exclusively related to a given technical procedure, skill or program.

These certifications can easily get you an entry-level job in the IT industry, and you can add more certifications later on and get a salary hike or a promotion.

While you need to pay for the exclusive and specialized certifications, the return that you get is quite lucrative.

The best and most popular IT certifications in demand

If you want to know which ones are the best, most popular and in-demand IT certifications for your career, we can help you here.

The analysis that we did (by using a software) by screening thousands or fresher or “entry” level job postings, yielded us the names of the top 5 IT certifications that the employers require in the year 2017.

  1. CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate

CCNA is an associate level CISCO certification that lies just after the entry level certifications like CCT and CCENT. CCNA certification proves to the employer that you can install and operate the networks and can also troubleshoot the problems when the need arises.

One can also specialize in other relevant areas by getting the CCNA wireless, CCNA security, CCNA routing, and switching, or the CCNA Industrial certification among others.

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The cost of the CCNA exam is approximate $300. You can clear the 90-minute exam and get the certification easily. There were more than 6000 jobs that required CCNA certification last year. The job titles associated with this particular Cisco certification include:

  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  1. CCISP or Certified Information Systems/Security Professional

One of the most recognized and in-demand certification CCISP relates to the security of the information exchange. It is granted by ISC2 or the International Information Security Certification Consortium.

The CISSP course consists of subjects and topics like asset security, security/risk management, security operations, security assessment and testing, and identity and asset management among others. Hence along with the IT skills, one can also accumulate certain managerial skills.

The CCISP exam is of 6 hours duration and has a cost of $600. There are a total of 250 questions in the exam. There were around 5000 CCISP requirements last year, and the certification can get you jobs like:

  • Security analyst
  • Information security analyst
  • Information technology auditor
  1. Network + or network plus

The Network+ certification validates your skills and knowledge towards the designing, configuration, management and trouble hosting of the wire and the wireless networks.

The cost of the exam or the certification is $285. You will have to clear an exam that contains 90 questions. More than 5000 jobs demanded the Network+ certifications prerequisite last year. The certification helps you to get jobs like:

  • Information technology specialist
  • Helpdesk technician
  • IT technician
  1. Comp TIA A+ certification

This certification validates that a person has a good understanding of the software and hardware technologies that are used for the business purposes.

It also shows that the bearer possesses the skills that can well support the most complex of IT machines and infrastructures.

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The cost of the exam is only $200, and the exam process tests both theoretical and practical knowledge. There were around 6,500 jobs for the A+ certification last year. It helps you get jobs including:

  • Help desk specialist/technician
  • Desktop support specialist/technician
  • Home support technician/technician
  1. MCSE or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

The MCSE certification relates to expertise in the Windows network OS, networking, back office products created by Microsoft, and the desktop systems among others.

You will be able to build a range of solutions by using multiple Microsoft technologies, after getting the MCSE certification.

You can specialize in areas including Cloud platform and Infrastructure, Business Applications, Data management and analytics, productivity and mobility.

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You can get trained for the Microsoft exam by learning at a Microsoft certified center, on the Microsoft website or through self-learning.

The fee for the 5 step exam is $150. There were close to 5000 MCSE jobs last year, and the certification can get you jobs including:

  • Field systems technician
  • Systems administrator
  • Systems engineer

All of the above certifications have immense relevance in today’s technological scenario, where Microsoft and Cisco solutions are the trend and security of business systems hold paramount importance. Start with any of the 5 above, and climb up the ladders of success by adding more advanced certifications.

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