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Raspberry Pi 3 Specs & Features: Everything You Need To Know

The official new Raspberry Pi 3 is more powerful than ever. It maintains the same form factor and prices $ 35. This device improves in several aspects than its predecessors. Showing us some of the new improvements in performance and especially in the connectivity section.

10 million Raspberry pi model: Raspberry Pi FAQ, Raspberry Pi 3

To date , there have been more than 10 Million Raspberry Pi Sales completed in all its versions. The highlight here is that of these 10 Million Raspberry Pi’s more than 3 million units are Raspberry Pi 2. It’s successor, Raspberry Pi 3 with additional features to further capitalise on this makers revolution.

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Features and innovations of the Raspberry Pi 3

Celebrating the fourth anniversary in February 2016, the Raspberry Pi 3 is announced to be more powerful and promising than ever. But the best part is the price is still affordable at $ 35 (we’ll see how it has changed).

Raspberry Pi 3 Review

Among the most important features of the Raspberry Pi 3 is the new processor. It is an ARM Cortex A53 processor with 1.2GHz quad core 64 – bit. According to their data, it has a yield 10 times higher than the original Raspberry Pi. And also 50% more than the Raspberry Pi 2, the previous model. The increase in these numbers means a lot and you can experience the performance upgrade only while working on it.

Raspberry Pi 3 finally comes with integrated Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B fulfils the dream of many users who have been longing for this feature for years. That is for a direct integration of Wifi and Bluetooth connectiviy directly into the motherboard. Until now we had to use a USB wireless adapter or directly, use cable to Ethernet port.

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Well it’s all over, the Raspberry Pi 3 has Bluetooth 4.1 (low energy consumption) and integrated 802.11n WiFi, without any additional accessories.

Despite these changes, they have managed to maintain the same size and shape as we have seen in previous generations of Raspberry Pi. The only change is in the position of some LEDs to make room for the antenna.

Price and Availability: Raspberry Pi 3

All the other features and ports are maintained similar to the Raspberry Pi 2. These include a microSD slot, USB, Ethernet, etc. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has also made it clear that they will not abandon production of previous models.

As we said at the beginning, the Raspberry Pi 3 has a price of $ 35, exactly the same as the Pi 2 and can be purchased right now for INR 2899.

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