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How to Record Your Voice on a Windows Computer

Microsoft provides a tool known as ” Sound Recorder ” , This tool is freely available on all the versions of windows . It is used for capturing sounds , recording , play back purpose and you can even edit your voice . This application will also let you linkup phrases together or even insert your comments into a video or document or you can add music and many more.

How to record your voice using Windows sound recorder:

Step 1 : Open Sound Recorder:

How to Record Your Voice in a Windows Computer , sound recorder


In Windows 7 :

  • Click on the Start button. In the search box, Type sound recorder. Now select the sound recorder from the list displayed.

In Windows 8 :

  • Enter  ” sound recorder ” in the search bar , which is located in the right drag bar . Select Sound Recorder from the results shown .

Note : This application will not open if your computer doesn’t have a attached microphone . And to play back the recorded audio, you computer must have a pair of headphones or speakers installed on it.

Step 2: Start your recording :

In the ” Sound Recorder ” Section , click on the ” Start Recording ” button . Now say or make some sounds or anything which you want to record . The green bar on the right side of the window will fluctuate back and forth to let you know that it’s capturing the recording .

Note : By using this recorder you can record up to 60 seconds only . If you want to record more, Follow this link .

Step 3: Stop the recording process :

Click on the ” Stop Recording ” button to stop your recording process . This will automatically display the ” Save as ” dialog box .

Step 4 :Save your recording :

Save your recording in such a location which is easy to find. If you are not ready to save it , Then just click on the Cancel button to close the ” Save As ”  window.

Now you can carry on your recording process by just Clicking on the ” Resume Recording ” button on the left side of the window . When you done your recording process, Just click on the  ” Stop Recording ” option and save that file.

You can play back your Recorded files with all most all the media players which includes iTunes, Windows Media Player or other similar applications.


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