How To Recover Files From Your SD Card Memory ?
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How To Recover Files From Your SD Card Memory ?

One of the most feared threat from home PC users to IT companies is  the possibility of losing data (Information) which is continuously being safeguarded using the best lines of defense.

Although every day stronger and more durable devices are being built, there could always be a new problem that could delete the data from the disk.

The problem is compounded if we speak of a SD card of our camera or our phones. For example, losing all the pictures you just put all the time and effort to click ​would be a problem, right?

In this article we will teach you how to use an application that can often help you recover the lost information. It is Photorec, a multi-platform application that you can use in any of the cases involving data loss.

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Steps To Recover Files From Your SD Card Or Pen Drive

The great advantage of this application is looking for a particular file type from 390 possibilities i.e you can directly search by using the extension like ZIPs, JPEGs, MP3s, DOCs, XLSXs, PSDs and more.

The only fault we could find in this application is that it does not have a graphical interface, but that’s no problem if you follow the tutorial to the letter.

  1. Download the application, it is an application that requires no installation and is completely portable.
  2. Connect the SD card or Pen Drive or disk from which you want to recover the data and run the application. For using this application you will be need administrative rights.
  3. Now choose a secure password.
  4. Now choose the disk to recover, it will know by the ability of the device.
  5. Now you will be asked to select the partition , if you have more than one partition at this point it will show all available partitions, in case if you are using only one partition it will show only one and you must choose.
  6. The next option is focused on the type of system you are using on your disk if the disk contains a Linux system select the first option, otherwise select Other .
  7. Now you will be asked to specify where files are to be searched , this option is somewhat useless because obviously not going to be in the free part, so select the option Whole .
  8. Now is the time to say where we want the recovered files are to be saved. You only have to browse to where we want to do this and press the C key to set the folder.

Finally, after this the program will start the process and only playing wait for this end. When finished, we can find all files that have been able to recover within the destination folder you have selected.

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Have you used Photorec before? If so do share with us your experiences on the product. We are also ready to learn and share your knowledge among our users as well. Thank You!

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