Register Your Website Properly To Google – Be On Google Within A Day

When it comes to getting your website registered / recorded in Google’s index and appear in search results, it should be done in the right way. The right way is the most natural one but not through Google’s own registration. By following the below given instructions, you can get your website on google within a day.

Register Your Website Properly To Google - Be On Google Within A Day

Why is it a bad idea to join my site to Google?

If you choose to register your website to Google, it goes into a queuing system. So you have to wait for Google’s search robots to complete visiting sites ahead of you. Sometimes this can take several weeks before Google comes along. This time can be significantly reduced by signing in the right way. If everything is properly implemented you will be on Google within a day.

How do I enrolled my website properly to Google

The best way to get your site added to Google is simply by creating links to it. Google’s robots are constantly looking around the Internet for new documents and pages to index.

By creating a link to your website from a well-established site, Google’s robots follow the link and get past your site in a single day. However, this requires that the pages your website is linked from should be visited frequently by Google bots.

What is a good place to link to my website?

Internet pages where there is new content each day is generally visited by Google’s robots frequently. When it comes to the inclusion of links in a page, forums are best places. Writing about topics that are currently debated about and presenting your point in the form of a blog post is a really excellent strategy. There are many popular forums and based on the niche you are blogging about, select the forums that are frequently updated.

Other options include getting a few links from frequently updated blogs, active news sites and other large forums.

Create a profile and write a good post

All you have to do is create a profile within that website, write some good articles and comment on other good posts . At the bottom of your post leave a signature of the website you want to get enrolled in Google.

Typically Creating a link by typing the following HTML code:
<a href=””> your keywords entered here </a>

Also note that some sites do not allow the use of <a href=””> </a> code.

Joined on Google within a day

If you choose to follow the above advice, your website will typically be found in Google’s search results in the course of a day. To test whether your website is on Google or not, you can type “site:” in google and see results.

By using this search phrase, Google shows you all the pages they have in their index for that page. For example I like to see all the pages in Google’s index for I just enter the following into the search bar “site:”.

You now know how to quickly get your site registered with Google and how you can see which pages have been indexed.

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