How To Register Your Website To Google In A Right Way?

How To Register Your Website To Google In A Right Way?

In this article you are going to know about the best ways to register your website to google. Google accounts for major percentage of searches worldwide and is undoubtedly the most important player in the Internet. Initially, even before you plan to get good rankings for you website in search results, you must first get your site indexed by Google.

Links from established and frequently updated pages are the fastest and best way to get your website to the top in Google search results

Best Ways To Register Your Website To Google

One of the methods search engines use to find new and valuable websites is through links established in the site. If a site has been accepted into Google and there is continuous updated content on the website, Google’s robots visit your website regularly.

Google’s bots are constantly on search for new content from the websites indexed by it. So frequently adding new content may improve chances of your posts appearing on the top of search results on Google (if applicable).

Tip: Are you sure you have the best possible SEO in place for your website? If your website is not search engine friendly then your domain is at the risk of losing visitors from Google every day. Build your website in WordPress it is user friendly and search engine optimized.

Creating some links on established websites that link back to your own website, is a really important thing. Google bots will naturally index these links from the established website and drop by to your website also.

How do I get links to my website from established websites?

A good place to start creating links to your website is by writing good and especially useful posts on these established websites.

You can write a good post and link directly to your website in your signature. Create profiles in different websites elsewhere and look for opportunities to contribute content to these websites.

This is one sure fire way to see your site included in Google search results faster.

Once my website has been indexed by Google, will I automatically get a lot of visits?

Writing lot of good content on a good topic in your website will often naturally start getting some visitors from Google. Google however looks on over 200 different parameters when it comes to assess how websites should be placed in the search results.

So how many visits you get depends on many factors. How your website is built, how many links you have to your site, the level of competition from other websites about the same subject, etc.

As you can read more about the search engine optimization, you can find about all the various parameters you can use to influence and thereby achieve better rankings in Google. So there is plenty to begin with and also lots of opportunities.

Do not register your homepage directly to Google 

The fastest and best way to Register Your Website To Google, is through links from other pages. If you choose to use Google’s own entry form, then you’ll typically have to wait much longer before Google’s robots will pass.

This is because you are placed into a queuing system. Therefore do not enroll directly with Google, this is recommended by virtually all professionals in search engine optimization.

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