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Here’s What A Smart Scooter Is And The Secret Behind It’s Smartness

We always use the word smart. From the past decade this word has become more common. Smart Phones, Smart Watches,
Smart TVs and Apple’s interest in building a smart car and admist all these, the new keyword on the street is Smart Scooter.


What’s actually meant by smart?

The smart gadgets are definitely different from those of ordinary gadgets not only in working but also in physical appearance and also capable of performing additional functions which we cannot be found in general purpose oriented things.

The smart gadget generally consists of additional features which may also include an operating system, say a GPS Navigation Unit with a bunch of sensors (which may be a motion sensor or heat sensor).


Let’s Get To Know The Smart Scooter

Technology day to day is changing very drastically. Till date the smart features available only for electronics are now being brought into every machine/gadget, which supports mankind.

The invention of smart scooter shows the power of INNOVATION and CREATIVITY at each and every part of human thinking. Apart from these smart features they are made to rely on renewable energy sources or energy stored from renewable energy sources.

These smart scooters are also made in order to promote eco-friendly and non-polluting environment saying goodbye(i.e. eliminating the emissions) to the harmful fumes and carcinogenic gases which may cause damage to living and non living organisms like mankind and also atmospheric protective layers(ozone) which protect the earth surface from radiations and this can be achieved by replacing Internal Combustion Engines(I.C Engine) with electric motors(that may be either Induction machines or Synchronous machines) as in the case of railway traction which is mostly dependent on electric motors.

This idea has been developed by a company GOGORO. It is a venture-backed company that markets the product and spare parts of electric scooters and battery swapping infrastructure.



  1. Instant development of torque required to pull the vehicle is obtained.
  2. High speeds as that of I.C Engines can be obtained with less effort and high speed control so that you are never left behind.
  3. No harmful emissions are obtained hence the drive on smart scooter is Pure and pollution free.
  4. Smart scooter may also include sensors as mentioned which are arranged in every operational arrangement for maintenance information.
  5. They stay 24*7 connected to your smart phone which gives complete status of each and every part of the scooter and the requisite information will stay in sync with your account either given by the manufacturer or any personal drives.
  6. As the smart scooter includes motion sensors and GPS tracing unit which helps in monitoring and updates the status in the cloud network at regular intervals of around 10 minutes.
  7. It also consists of smart modes of operation in according to the type of your travel i.e. a long travel along the highway or in a street full of vehicles and pedestrians.
  8. Optimization of dashboard and design of lighting can be done because of the smart feature involving a LED screen which is in turn connected to your Smartphone.
  9. Instant diagnostics and maintenance alerts are obtained immediately if needed and it also can reserve an appointment to get it serviced right away.
  10. Some manufacturers provide separate gas/power stations to provide free and frequent supply of fuel throughout the cities for customer satisfaction which reduces the time to refill the fuel.


A thin layer of crystal glass containing of solar panels can be added on the surface that makes it solar powered and it could gain 15% more battery life during a typical day

It can also be made as foldable and adjustable to all size and weighted persons, which makes it easy to handle and ease of transportation.

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