How Social Media Effects Your Search Engine Ranking
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How Social Media Effects Your Search Engine Ranking

Social media helps you to connect with customers in a more personal way. It is not just for people to trust you, but also lets the search engines know that your site is important. And it results in a much higher ranking on Google, which makes your website easier to find and you get a better search engine ranking.

How Social Media Effects Your Search Engine Ranking

Therefore, it is important to include social networking into your daily search engine and become an authority in your field. In that way, your followers on social media will act as fuel to rank top on google.

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Effect Of Social Media On Search Engine Ranking

Use Facebook to display your location on Google

Physical location plays a vital role in Google’s algorithm. Keep in mind that Google uses your physical address to verify your location on Google Places and sends local organic search traffic to your website.

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This indicates that Google actually uses your physical location to determine your website’s ranking. Facebook (and other networks such as Foursquare) allows users to search on the bases of physical location. If you are active on Facebook, that strengthens your searchability – especially locally.

Google is watching your Twitter and Facebook activities

Your level of influence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter have an impact on how high Google ranks your website gets in the organic search. The same value is given to the user reviews that you receive. With a combination of these factors, Google determines how your website should rank in your area.

Google is aware of the number of mentions and people who follow you on Twitter and Facebook. It is focusing on the number of responses and how many likes your page and your website content receives.

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Authoritativeness of the people who follow / mention or share / like your website and your pages on the social media is also taken into consideration when deciding your rank. Growth or decline in these areas have more influence on your search engine ranking.

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Remember your Google+ account

If you choose to forget about Google+, then Google will do the same with you. Your website’s ranking is influenced by the number and quality of certain interactions on Google+. The better your performance, the better your chances of getting a good ranking in search results. Some of the things that Google looks at in Google+ are:

  • Connections / followers: The physical location of the person performing an activity that plays a crucial role in what Google decides to do. The search engine will evaluate the number of response that comes from people in a particular place, and the degree of authority, along with the pace of the pitches – whether it is rising or falling.
  • + 1 activity on your website: Your +1 activity has the same weight as connections and sharing, so put some effort in getting the + 1s!

Search engine optimization and social media are so deeply interconnected and affect how well your website is placed in google. 

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    hello, u have mentioned about using google+ but now a days, hardly few people are using google+ still would u suggest using google+ ?

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          Hi Tarjani,

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