Tech Trendz: 5 Technologies Fast Replacing Passwords
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Tech Trendz: 5 Technologies Fast Replacing Passwords

We all know how important passwords are to protect our digital identity. There are lot of suggestions all around to set strong passwords which are a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. And that too a unique strong password to each of the sites you log into.

This means you either have to memorise them all (and that’s effortless assuming we are all genius, which we are not) or use a standard password manager which costs you money.

But there is a fundamental flaw in all these and that is the use of passwords at the first place and then doing everything else to make them overly complicated.

Anyways all is not bad, this video below shows you five upcoming technologies which could completely solve this dilemma by replacing passwords and make our world a digitally secure password less world.

The best part is that these technologies are concentrating on replacing passwords with what we can consider truly unique, i.e our biometrics.

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