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Tech Trendz: What you need to know about Pokemon Go!

Nintendo, the world’s largest video game company has brought out its surprisingly miracle app, Pokemon Go! And thanks to Pokemon Go, Nintendo now has an incredible $7 billion boost to company’s value.

The game is yet launched only in some regions (excluding Europe and Japan) and guess what, it’s already the most downloaded free app on both the iOS and Android phones. And if have already read about it, Pokemon Go is now officially bigger than Tinder and looks like its going to take over twitter too. This video takes you through all the buzz and the evidence that goes with it.

“Despite the substantial success of Pokémon Go in the initial few days since its launch into only three countries, we still view Pokémon Go as a ‘leadoff hitter’ for Nintendo’s foray into mobile gaming,” Deutsche Bank’s Han Joon Kim said [Source:Yahoo Finance].

If you haven’t looked into all this yet, this video will teach you everything you need to immediately crave for the launch of this app to get started moving.

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