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5 Best Keyboards You Can Gift To Tech Lovers

Keyboards are one of the most used computer peripherals. Usually, the keys in different keyboards are almost same except the few extra keys each manufacturer may offer. Also based on the arrangement of keys in different keyboards, They are classified into various types.

Of all those types,  the QWERTY keyboard is the most popular. Since it was invented in 1867, it is still widely used till date. But the problem is that choosing the best keyboard for your work is not so easy.

5 Best Keyboards In 2014 We Recommend For You

Over the years various keyboard manufacturers have improved their designs to suit people’s needs. So here we present you some of the keyboards which we believe to be the 5 best keyboards.


The 5 Best Keyboards We Found For You:

1) The Apple Keyboard :

Apple keyboards both wired and wireless give excellent performances. The price of wired is 49$ and wireless is 69$. In wired keyboard there is no issue about any batteries because it is bundled with USB, but in wireless you are provided with batteries.

This keyboard gives a royal look and it is very compact and slim. It has no numerical keys in the right hand side also the arrow keys are smaller in size.

2) Cherry KW6000 :

This is rechargeable and has a bluetooth which can be used for both Mac as well as iPad. It is also a slim model apart from that it has LED to indicate when caps lock is ON.

Compared to Apple keyboard, these keyboards are small in size.Even the arrow keys  are not as tricky as the Apples Keyboard.

3) Microsoft natural keyboard :

Microsoft natural series has two keyboards they are Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000  and the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 7000. They come with a wireless mouse.

These keyboards  are very comfortable to use. The split design also helps and protects your hands and wrist while in work or playing games for longer duration.

4) Logitech G Series :

Logitech G Series include G15, G19, G110 and G510 keyboards. The keyboards of this series comes with a small LCD display and LED to indicate Caps Lock, Num Lock etc.

They are well designed for gaming as well as for everyday work. It is some what bigger in size than the regular keyboards. If space isn’t a constraint for you then surely this keyboard would be handy for you.

5) Das Keyboard :

Generally, compared to wireless keyboards wired keyboards are good for a people who do a lot of typing. This Das keyboard is sure to satisfy its users with a good interface.

The latest models comes even with the media control keys. They are even supportable by Apple desktops also. Each model comes with a USB hub. The actual pricing is not that high but the looks are surely costly.

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