Here Are 5 Best Budget Computer Mices

Computer Mouse is the most used component. Though the keyboard up to some extent can handle tasks without the need of mouse but the entire earth of convenience is lost.

Such is the importance of the computer mouse.But there are a lot of different computer mice each offering lots of bells and whistles other than the main functionality. So we have carefully selected for you few of the best budget computer mice.

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Here is a list of top five best budget computer mice for you :

1 : Logitech M510 :

Affordable doesn’t mean you have to compromise for a mice which is outdated. The Logitech M510 is a wireless laser mouse. If  you have any Logitech peripherals other than this  mouse it works with the same dongle and you need no extra one. It has  symmetrical design and can be used by both lefties and right handers also quite comfortably. It is powered with two AA batteries.

2 : Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 2.0 :

Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 2.0 is a wired mouse. It looks simple and gives the solid performance and reliability. It is available in black and white colors. This mouse gives the best performance for the everyday use. It is build with a rubber grip which provides you a best grip on this mouse.

3 : Logitech M310 :

This mouse of Logitech is an another affordable model which gives a wireless connectivity without paying more. It is also an symmetrical model which can be used by both the hands which uses the unifying receiver to connect to the computer. It works on AA batteries.

4 : Dell Optical Laser Mouse :

This mouse is from Dell. It is an optical laser mouse. This optical laser mouse is wired and is available in silver and black color combination. This device also comes in an symmetrical design which can be used in both hands.

5 : Anker C200 Ergonomic Wireless Mouse :

Anker c200 is a wireless mice. It gives good comfort even while playing and also in everyday work. As it is not symmetrical in design you cannot use it with both of your hands. It has rubber grip on both the sides with a texture which gives a comfort grip. It runs on only single AA battery.

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