How To Convert Your Computer Into a Web Server in 10 Minutes
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How To Convert Your Computer Into a Web Server in 10 Minutes

Although we are accustomed to rely on third-party services such as mail, social networks, web pages and files in the cloud, we can create our own web server to have these services under control.

The internet is a connection of computers worldwide . When you open a web page, your computer (client) connects to another computer (server) to download the page, images, videos and other content you want to see. The process is so fast, transparent and simple for the user that we do not realize the complexity behind it.

Millions of connections per second, protocols with unpronounceable acronyms and everything at high speed. This is the internet. But if you want to share your photographs or documents or set up a website, you are not required to rely on an external web server . With a relatively powerful PC and a broadband connection yourself can hop a web server in a few steps.

I hope most of know about Younity , a program that allows you to use your computer as a multimedia server , locally and over the internet. Today we are going to take a look at EasyPHP Webserver , an installer that will help you to turn your PC into a web server easily and without having to fight with source code nor the Windows command line.

Before Starting.

Say for suppose you want to share documents, a photo album, your blog or personal page or set up an online store or a page for your business and do not want to depend on an external server .

Having your own server has its advantages and, of course,has its own drawbacks. The main advantage is that you control the whole process and the server is not hundreds of kilometers away from your home or workplace. If there is a problem, you can easily solve it, you will not have to call an international number. The same thing happens if you have to update the page or add new content.

On the other hand, you will not have to pay for a professional web server , usually paid. With a local server you will pay for the electricity consumption of the server PC and for the internet connection.

But this has a “price”. Firstly, you must use a computer exclusively for that function , because if your page is very frequently visited, you will receive many requests and you cannot do several tasks on that PC. Also, keep in mind that the internet does not sleep, so you will not be able to shut down the server at any time (apart from that you have to perform maintenance tasks, try to make it when you hardly have visits to your server). At the security level, you will have to watch for the server to be up-to- date and protected , unless you hire someone to do it.

Requirements To Convert Your PC Into A Web Server:

You have already made the decision. You are going to set up your own web server. If the experiment works there are many benefits.

First, you need a normal PC . It is better to have more RAM and CPU , but with a compatible computer running Windows XP is more than enough. Another important detail is to have a good internet connection , because if you have many simultaneous visits, the speed will suffer and loose quality user experience.

In the case of EasyPHP Web server, to these two requirements you have to add Visual C ++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 installed . Depending on whether your Windows is x86 or x64 you will need an installer ( x86 ) or another ( x64 ). You can find it from Control Panel> System and Maintenance> System .

First steps:

What does EasyPHP Webserver offer? Installing a web server requires several steps, as it involves different technologies, each with a different function. Basically, EasyPHP installs Apache (an HTTP server), MySQL (a database server), PHP and PhpMyAdmin (a database manager). With these four pillars, you can assemble a website of the complexity you want or need and with the advantage of configuring each element from a single control panel.

In the future, EasyPHP will allow you to install more related software, modules and components that add more features.

EasyPHP Web server installation has no secrets. Download the installer and follow the steps indicated. At the end, you will have to configure certain things to bring the server online.

Configure EasyPHP Web server.

To customize your web server simply open any web browser on the PC where you installed it and paste the address , which opens the EasyPHP control panel.

If you have the necessary knowledge, you will see that EasyPHP centralizes the main aspects of Apache and MySQL so that the server works correctly from the installation. In case you do not know what to play, go to the Quick start option that will help you configure the most basic in a simplified way.

Leaving you the most difficult step.

Setting up a web server is not easy. Hence tools like EasyPHP Webserver make things much easier. But the work does not end here.

Once installed the server you will have to add the necessary content so that your web page or image gallery is visible. For example, you can install WordPress , a very handy content manager and used by most blogs. In addition, you will need to contract a domain , that is, a name so that your page is accessible without typing the IP of your server in the browser.

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