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UDOO x86 : This Mini PC is the most Powerful Maker Board Ever

UDOO took the makers world by storm with their new UDOO X86 board for makers. This powerful maker board is 10 times more faster than a Raspberry Pi 3 and combines the benefits of both PC and Arduino 101.

This open source board is based on Intel Braswell X5 Quad Core, with upto 2.24 GHz of CPU speed. It is cross compatible with Arduino thanks to the built-in Arduino 101 development (Curie). It is said to be 10 times powerful than a Raspberry Pi 3 and the perfect replacement for your PC.

This can be explained by its ability to run all software available to PC (video editing to gaming) and drive three 4K screens at a time. However, it isn’t something you can’t afford either. Priced at just $89 for the X86 Basic edition it is one board that’s taken the limelight in the makers world.

UDOO X86 board is 10 times faster than Raspberry Pi 3

On comparing this maker board with any other board in the market, it is by far the most powerful. It can be considered more of a mini PC board for being not just faster but incredibly powerful too. Undoubtedly, running 4K displays is out the league for many other boards like the Raspberry Pi 3.

Based on 64-bit Quad Core generation, the UDOO X86 board is built on 14 nm architectures. These processors usually consume as little as 5 or 6 Watts of energy. With x86 version Intel processors based on 14nm architecture these boards can run both Windows and Linux and are truly designed for the PC domain.

UDOO X86 boots from everywhere

The multi-boot configuration in the UDOO X86 is an amazing feature. This multi-boot support happens to be a flexible option with which you can simply boot from everywhere. You can boot from a USB 3.0, MicroSD card an eMMC to outline a few option.

This hacker board comes with a 8GB eMMC, Micro SD card reader, M.2 Key B, SATA, USB 3.0 ports and a LAN port.

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UDOO X86 board is completely open source

UDOO X86 has opened it self up completely to the community with both open source hardware and software. The team has already released the design and data sheet files and are available for free download from their official site.

If you are a DIY fan like us you can visit their official UDOO store and learn a lot more about the different versions available, their specifications, pricing and additionally have a know how of their previous DIY boards and accessories available. Do check it out.

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