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Can’t Use WhatsApp On Your Tablet? Here’s What You Should Do

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is the currently the most perfect application for instant messaging. No wonder why the number of users using it is tremendously rising each day. Simply, it is one of the most simple and undoubtedly a very effective way of communication.

While this is the case, as all of us know one of the major drawbacks or simply shortcomings with Whatsapp is that users could only run this application on a mobile phone.  Something that everyone wished for is the release of the Whatsapp PC version, and adios! it’s here.

Thanks to WhatsApp Web for making this wish a reality recently. Now we can use the most famous messaging client on our computer, something that many users have been waiting for. Plus, it is easy to configure and works quite well.

But here we focus on the tablets, and once again thanks to WhatsApp Web you can use this application even on your tablets. Here’s how it’s done:


Use WhatsApp Web on your tablet also :

If you are using a tablet and you were willing to try WhatsApp in a simple way, this is the ultimate solution. WhatsApp Web opens this possibility by following a few simple steps which are described below.

The first is to have the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. It is very normal and is available in the play store thanks to Google Play, but if you can’t find it, you can download the apk file version 2.11.498.

The next step is to install Google Chrome on your tablet. We recommend using the latest version, so you must upgrade from Google Play . If you have any problem with updating it, you can download the apk version 40.

That done, now you will have to open Google Chrome on your tablet, and press the menu button and activate the option ‘View as computer’ . This will disable the web pages in mobile format and we can access WhatsApp Web. Otherwise, you will most certainly receive an error message.

Finally, go to the official website of WhatsApp Web. Now open WhatsApp on your phone, press the menu button and click on WhatsApp Web. Now just scan the QR code that appears on the tablet and that’s it you can now use WhatsApp Web even on your tablet.

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