vTime: vr social network
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vTIME Is The First VR Social Network And It Is Amazing

It has taken some time but finally a VR social network has arrived. In fact, it was strange for virtual reality, which has applications in many fields not entering the social networking domain. This VR social network is named as VTIME and is developed a British company, Starship.

With it, thousands of users with virtual reality headsets like the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard can connect and travel. Yeah, using 3D avatars users can meet each other within VTIME and travel anywhere in the world together.

vtime: vr social network

The introduction of a VR social network means that the scope of this technology has exceeded initial expectations. Until now it was only taken as a device used individually with each user putting on the VR headset to enter the virtual world. Now they can interact not only with various elements in the VR world but also with other users.

VTIME is announced to be the first VR social network. The users create their own avatars and meet other users who come in contact with each other to ‘visit’ places designed for themselves. Right now it seems as if this technology has a lot to offer moving forward with the only limit being our imagination.

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However, VTIME is still under development and therefore is limited in terms of places we can visit. Although the company ensures that users can create their own environments, but for now, can only ‘go’ to the beach, rocks on a crystalline river, gather around a fire in a camp. There are 12 such locations already added with all the spatial sound effects to bring this virtual world as close to reality as possible.

VR Social Networks – vTime vs Facebook

You may wonder how different other much more established social networks like Facebook or Twitter VTIME offers. According to CEO of Starship, VTIME and similar VR applications will change how people are using established social networks like Facebook or twitter. In case of these social networks you are interacting with through over the screen, but with a VR social network you get to sit right next to them. Interesting, isn’t it!

vtime: vr social network

If you are new to VTIME, the first thing you have to do is create your own avatar. Then you should expand your circle through VTIME Search. This helps you contact to friends, family and other users with whom you share interests or jobs. Thus, you will create your own lists of friends to travel together with.

Through the phone or tablet, you can see the public meetings of other groups. You can also invite and receive requests from others to enter private mode.

What if you don’t have virtual reality goggles? You can still use enjoy VTIME, but obviously the options are much more limited. You can connect in ‘mono’ mode and it is similar to a two-dimensional window in the VTIME 3D environment.

VTIME was available from late 2015 to Gear VR, and has now released a Cardboard version on Google Play. For now it has thousands of users around the world, but the number is expected to be expanded significantly.

The project is still under development and is expected that the number of scenarios in which to meet grow significantly. With time it will also likely support all other virtual reality headsets.

Starship intends to develop VTIME to work with all types of smartphones. But, I believe that a truly immersive virtual reality experience can only be obtained using high end VR Headsets. We have composed a virtual reality devices comparison article to help you understand the benchmarks of VR devices, check it out too. There are also many other devices like the Google Daydream View making it to the market very soon.

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