Arduino Starters' Guide: Best Websites to Learn Arduino Online
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Arduino Starters’ Guide: Best Websites to Learn Arduino Online

We all know what free software (or freeware) means, isn’t it? But do you know what free hardware is? For that, we have the Arduino platform! It shows that with a small motherboard and total freedom to add components (with minimal programming skills)  you can extract any function you want from this tiny device.

If you are not yet ready to start building, or a complete beginner, you can first gain some inspiration by reading our previous post tailor-made for Arduino Beginners and come back here later.

If you are curious enough to start tinkering with this perfect little device, you can get started by going through these wonderful courses from the finest of websites to learn Arduino online.

Before that, here is Massimo Banzi’s TED Talk on how Arduino has brought about a maker revolution and proving to be a great tool for anyone to create anything. Get inspired right now!!

Best Websites To Learn Arduino Online The official Arduino website has cool Arduino News, Projects and the complete resources to get started, and all that, for free. You can become a member of the community and engage in forums as well.

You can also check out the official prices of Arduino Boards and download software right from the builders. You will truly love this idea later on.

Adafruit Learning System: Adafruit is a company that sells Arduino Kits and components. It also houses lots of resources that enthusiasts can use to learn arduino online without any hustle. There are a wide range of projects here for you to get tinkering with your Arduino board.

Instructables: Instructables is a go to website for makers filled with projects from furniture to art. There are lots of Arduino projects in this website. You can submit your project into the website for others to build on and improve if necessary. It is a great website for DIY enthusiasts.

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LifeHacker Arduino Projects: Similar to Instructables, LifeHacker is yet another excellent website for DIY enthusiasts. It can surely be considered as one of the best websites to learn arduino online simply for the number of Arduino projects you can find there. Once you get started here, you are surely going to get addicted.

GitHub: You know that Arduino is open source, so you can download a lot of resources online. The best place to do it is from the home of open source community, GitHub. You can download others projects, test and improve them. Learning how to use GitHub will take your prototyping career to newer heights.

Arduino Starters' Guide: Best Websites to Learn Arduino Online

Image Credits: Instructables

Like we have mentioned in our previous post, you can master Arduino but the right way to do it is to decide on what you want to build and get your hands dirty.

Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by the range of projects you can do. For some it helps but for others it could sink the initial confidence for getting started. So get out there pick any one of the websites to learn arduino online and start building.

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    Great article with helpful resources. I am a newbie to this Arduino world and looking for some websites to kick start my learning on this. Finally, after days of research and hard work I found this list which is really helpful and worth reading. I am definitely going to bookmark this one.

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