Spyware, What To Do When Your Computer Gets Hacked ?

What To Do When Your Computer Gets Hacked ?

If you’re worried that someone has hacked your computer or electronic device, then take your gut-felt concerns seriously and act fast. This article will show you some quick measures to be taken when your computer gets hacked.

Steps To Follow If Your Computer Gets Hacked:

Step 1: Disconnect From The Internet Immediately:

The first and best thing to do is to disconnect your PC from the Internet. That way, if a hacker is still on your computer, you have removed his source connection.

  1. Disconnect the cord from the router to ensure completely that there is no connection!
  2. Print this article or convert it to PDF before disconnecting the internet so you can continue to follow these instructions without being connected. Or you can even read it on a device that has not been hacked.

Step 2: Turn On The PC In Safe Mode:

What To Do When Your Computer Gets Hacked ?

Power off the computer and use safe mode to start. If you are not sure how to do this, check the operation manual of the computer.

Step 3: Identify Unknown Programs

Check if there are any ” new applications or programs ” (eg, antivirus, anti-malware, etc. ) installed on your computer. Note down the programs and files that do not work or open. If you find something strange, then just uninstall it. If you do not know how to, get help from someone or call some computer experts to do it for you.

Step 4: Scan Your Computer:

What To Do When Your Computer Gets Hacked ?

Clean your computer with a trusted virus or malware scanner (eg, Avast Home Edition, AVG Free Edition, Avira AntiVir, etc. ) and carefully locate all the threats.

Step 5: Backup Your Files

What To Do When Your Computer Gets Hacked ?

If nothing appears in the results, make a backup of your important files. Then, perform a full system restore and update the computer.

Step 6: Inform This To Bank Or Other Important Organisation:

Contact your bank and the accounts of stores that have to warn about the problem. Ask them to check if all your accounts are safe and request measures to protect your funds.

Step 7: Alert your friends

Alert your friends about who might have received infected emails from your mailbox. Ask them to delete them and do not access any link that has appeared in such emails.

Extra Tips :

1. Back up your important files such as family photos, documents, etc. and load them on a USB stick (encrypted).

2. The best method is to prevent beforehand so learn to identify such attacks at the earliest. Our article on How to know if your PC is hacked might be useful.

3. When you leave, turn off the Internet.

4. Use A backup program if you want to continue the same operating system that you had before you were hacked.

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