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Wi-Fi Story: What’s New In This Wireless World

If you look to connect your PC, tablet and smartphone to the Internet wirelessly, Wi-Fi is the best solution. Wi-Fi has been with us for over 16 years as of 2015. And it has indeed become ubiquitous and not a day  passes without it. Businesses, homes, laboratories where-not it’s everywhere out there. In fact we have become so addicted to this technology that imaging a world without it is in itself so difficult.  It’s fast and reliable too! Today let’s look into the world of Wi-Fi and see what’s cooking and what’s not..

Wi-Fi Story: What's new with Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi Story: So Far….

According to WFA (Wi-Fi Alliance), there are over 25000 Wi-Fi certified products in the market and the growth in the IoT (Internet of Things) sector will increase this number three-fold. It means there are already billions of devices running on this technology with a lot more to come. Nowadays, almost all PCs, every laptop, tablet and smartphones support Wi-Fi and Hotspot connectivity. This technology has spanned across industries with automobile industries making the most of it to offer best services to their customers.


M0st of these Wi-Fi devices are of the 802.11n standard and the adaption rate of 802.11ac standard is high, particularly now. The best part about this standard is it offer you Gigabit speeds and since it operates in the less crowded 5 Ghz ISM band, bandwidth isn’t a problem at all. Due to this reason, there is less interference from other wireless devices and hence better throughput.


Moreover Wi-Fi technologies are also used in various fronts. Wi-Fi calling, for example is becoming more and more simplified with automatic handoffs between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. To add to this list point-to-point  connection between Wi-Fi nodes (Wi-Fi Direct) has made file transfer simpler and faster. But this is not the entire coverage, there’s lot more happing within the IEEE 802.11 standards group. Many other projects are being worked on and find out their entire story here.


What all this means to us is our beloved Wi-Fi technology will move onto new roads and penetrate into many more applications with IoT around the corner.

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