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Windows 10 grows as Edge slowly advances step by step

A month after the release of the major update for Windows 10, known as Update Anniversary (Anniversary Update) now companies aimed at establishing the data on the most widely used operating systems and can tell what their market deployment is. For this case Netmarketshare dedicated itself to identify what browsers and operating systems are prevailing on the market and if we stick to the latest figures, Windows 10 and generally Microsoft are doing very well, with your browser Edge.

And in the case of the latest Microsoft operating system, it is consolidated into second place in the most used OS just behind the Windows 7 with a 47.25% market share . In the case of Windows 10 it seems that the Anniversary Update has done well and has experienced a growth of 2% from 22.99% now enjoying a better market share.

In addition, with Windows 7 and Windows 10, the bronze medal is occupied by the beloved Windows XP, although already graying has more presence than Windows 8.1 and the first system “not Microsoft” from the list, such as Mac OS.

Edge progresses slowly and still has long way to go

And if things go great with respect to Microsoft operating systems, the browsers will still have a long way to go. And we do not talk to achieve Chrome, because the penetration of this market is very strong (over 53%) but is at least experience growth without pause.

Statically in this regard Microsoft Edge remains around 5%, while its predecessor, Internet Explorer has dropped to 27.38%. The aim of Edge in principle should be to approach the  declining Firefox, but now the goal is still far away although the tests performed demonstrate that Edge is a browser with a remarkable performance.

Lime and sand so for Microsoft, with Windows 10 that continues to grow even though it is no longer free update and a browser such as Edge still needs the backing of the public to be an option more preferred over Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

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