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Windows 10: The Biggest Talking Points

Microsoft’s recent operating system Windows 8 and Windows 10 are totally different. It looks like Microsoft has learnt its lesson the hard way, after lapses in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. One way of expression is that Windows 8 was a perfect example for excessive pride, greed and over confidence on Microsoft’s part. The entire design completely deviated from the Windows 7 approach, only causing more problems to users. If you’d ask someone who had spent some considerable time oh Windows 8, the response wouldn’t be so good. In contrast, though it is quite early to say, Windows 10 is quite a retreat to people who are frustrated with Windows 8.

windows 10

Now that Windows 10 comes as a free of cost upgrade facility to all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, there could possibly be large sums of people interested to upgrade. That said, before actually going through with it, here’s where Windows 10 differs from the Windows 8 operating system.


Start Screen & Start Menu:

If there’s something most targeted in Windows 8, it was the Start Screen. Very soon after its release news about the not-so-appealing Start Screen spread like wildfire. It had the fluidity of the Live tiles the flexibility, but was severely lacking functionality.  Microsoft could say it was all aimed at the convertibles and tablets; desktop users found it only more annoying. Probably, not forcing Windows 8 onto all users could have been a far better idea, but somehow, people at Microsoft missed it by miles.

Anyways bad days come and go and with Windows 10 the Start button will make a grand entrance that too with some cool features. This supercharged start button will help you search and pin apps, contacts and websites to your Start menu.


Cortana moves to PC:

The other juicy inclusion into thee Windows 10 operating system is the super smart Cortana, which is claimed to get better with time. It’s this kind of digital assistant which can get you into conversations. Voice recognition, actually, is not everything about Cortana- the Windows Phone personal assistant; it constantly keeps you connected to the support staff, to better serve you.

Though Windows had a successful run integrating Bing into their devices, it came out bold once again in completely replacing the Bing Smart Search with the smarter Cortana. Certainly, we believe this replacement is one of the strongest plus points for Windows 10 in the years to come.


Windows 10 – Price and Availability:

Buy a new PC now and you’ll certainly get it with the Windows 8 (or even 8.1). In this process, the money you are putting out for the operating system is included in the amount you pay to the PC manufacturer. But if you actually plan for an upgrade to your OS, the Windows 8.1 Pro Student values up to Rs. 3,499 and the normal Windows 8.1 Pro license is fixed to Rs. 7,499.

On comparing, and now that Windows 10 is yet to release (hopefully by the next 5 months) you can expect a similar price tag. But before the actual release you can install the preview version and check out its cool features here. .

The other good news for users currently using Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 is that you can get a one year free update to Windows 10 directly. The details about the charges later on are yet to be disclosed, stay in touch with us to be the first to know of it. And bad luck Win XP users, you’ll have to purchase the licensed product no freebies for you.


Have you started using the Windows 10 Technical Preview yet? If so tell us your experiences with it. Do share this article with your friends on social media.

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