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This is How The Wireless Internet Data Cards Work

The wireless internet data cards also called the connect cards have redefined the online experience altogether. Instead of using cables or telephone lines, one can make use of these wireless internet data cards to access internet even on the go. Their services can be utilized from anywhere round the clock.

Also the speeds they provide are good enough to keep your entertainment going. But did you ever wonder how all of this is possible? How exactly these wireless internet data cards connect to the internet? How data transfer is possible? In this article the take-away is the answer to series of such questions relating the internet cards.

This is How The Wireless Internet Data Cards Work:

This is How The Wireless Internet Data Cards Work

Wireless internet data cards work almost similar to our cell phones. Instead of carrying out data transfer through wires, both use electromagnetic waves.

Actually the entire data transfer is not wireless. Though it is wireless on the users end the entire process is combination of wired and wireless communication. Initially, the routers or access points receive data in binary form through wires.

These then rely on antennas present in them which have the ability to transfer these electrical signals (which are in binary) into the form of Electromagnetic Waves. The transmitter and receiver section (wireless USB data cards) are tuned to a particular frequency range (between 2.4GHz to 5GHz) for effective and uninterrupted reception of the data from the transmitter section.

The wireless internet data cards when plugged in always hunt for these signals. If these cards are within the broadcasted ranges, they pick up this signal.

Once these data cards receive all this information, the entire process occurs in the reverse direction. These cards then broadcast the Electromagnetic Waves and communicate with the closest tower in that area.

Before the connection is made, all your details are verified. And finally the connection is opened and you can access the internet. This entire process occurs each and every time you try to establish a connection.

Once you close the internet connection on your computer, the wireless internet data card stops receiving or transferring data. The carrier network are constantly involved in calculating the amount of data you have accessed each time the connection is open for billing purposes.

NOTE: Because the free air composes lot of impurities, there is always the problem of attenuation (decrease in signal strength) of EM Waves. Due to this reason the expected internet speeds are sometimes not delivered.

But the carriers have always been taking steps to improve our internet usage experience.

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