Wireless Virtual Reality device TPCAST
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Enjoy HTC Vive VR Experiences Wirelessly With This $220 Update Kit

One of the major drawbacks of most virtual reality headsets is that they should be tethered to your computer or console that provides them all the digital content. The HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift and even the most recent PSVR force us to use wires, and this makes the experience a little uncomfortable.

A team of developers and engineers has devised a way to solve the problem in HTC Vive. The company TPCAST has developed an add-on to transfer all necessary information wirelessly . This development platform goes on sale with the blessing of Vive X, the “accelerator” of projects related to the virtual reality of HTC.

Wireless Virtual Reality is now available and is expensive

Wireless Virtual Reality device TPCAST

HTC is responsible for ensuring that the experience is not compromised at all and there is no “significant difference” to the cable connection on issues such as latency. The device includes a battery with a range of one and a half hour, which may look like less but VR sessions don’t last longer anyway.  However, it is expected to market a larger battery that can be stored in the pocket like any other external battery in future developments.

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This add-on module for the HTC Vive was available for pre-order from the Chinese website for $220 and were sold out for just 18 minutes. This clearly demonstrated how much fans are waiting for an upgrade like this one. However, if you are also looking forward to ditch those cumbersome wires and experience wireless VR experience, it is expected that the upgrade may be available for pre-order again next month.

This upgrade makes it certainly more interesting (and comfortable) to use HTC Vive, and avoids one of the obstacles to the use of this technology. However, yes, the bundle now gets much more expensive. Others OEMs are attacking this market from the other end. Google Daydream begins to be available as a mature version of the original Google Cardboard , and even with the Samsung Gear VR, the idea is to avoid large investments to experience decent virtual reality. After Oculus launched their touch controllers recently, its now HTC Vive’s turn to introduce wireless virtual reality add-ons and takes us into a fresh year with expectations for a lot more such updates and finally hassle free VR experience.

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