If you want to create a blog or website, WordPress is undoubtedly the best choice to achieve quickly, economically and effectively. Many people who are starting with this platform have doubts about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.


In this article we will discuss these differences and what is the best option for your site.

WordPress.ORG – The best option

WordPress.org is the site where you can download the platform so that it can be installed in any domain with web hosting. This is the best way to take advantage of WordPress and all the benefits it offers.

To use this option, as I mentioned, you need two important elements:

  • A domain
  • Hosting service

This way, your site will have a professional appearance and image. The installation can be done in a few seconds from your cPanel hosting or you can also perform the process manually. Whatever the case, your domain will have WordPress installed in minutes. I recommend you to go through my article on how to choose a domain name.

In short, WordPress.ORG is the downloadable platform to use independently in their own domain.


This is very similar to Blogger and other free sites service platforms. By creating an account and a blog here, your site will be hosted by WordPress and the domain will be something like:


However, choosing this option gives you many limitations, since it is a free service it is not so professional and not with many benefits as WordPress.ORG.

Advantages of using WordPress.ORG in your domain

There are many, among which are:

  • Control over the content. With WordPress on your domain always you to have control of your content and what you publish. Nobody can take it away or drop your site.
  • Professional image. That your site has the structure “example.wordpress.com” is not something that an image of trust and professionalism. A self – control is always the best option for this.
  • Plugins. With WordPress.org, you can take more advantage and benefits of all available plugins to improve your page in different areas such as design, social networking, email marketing, loading speed, etc. Here is a list of must to have plugins in wordpress.
  • Premium themes . Although there are issues of great quality for the free version, the most incredible, innovative and modern designs are only for .ORG version
  • Advanced features. If you need a more sophisticated site that requires some modifaciones in the PHP code, WordPress.org is the only option to achieve this .
  • . Necessary investment if, to use the downloadable platform need to invest in a domain (about $ 10usd) and a professional web hosting (between $ 7 and $ 12 usd per month); but this is not a disadvantage, on the contrary, is of the best investments you can make for your online business.
  • Access to and modifications via FTP .

In conclusion, WordPress.org has much more control functions and possibilities to make your website or blog as you want and mold it to your needs.

When to use WordPress.com?

WordPress free service can be a good option to create free blogs that serve to link to your main site or if a project without much importance and that does not require much Web traffic.

If you want to create a website for your business or for some project you have on the Web, your choice should be WordPress.ORG.

If you’re ready to start, invite you to visit our step by step tutorials to create your own website with your domain and hosting. In less than a day you can make it!

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