360fly 4k camera
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360 Fly 4k Is The World’s Smartest 360 degrees 4k Camera

360 degrees cameras are fashionable and 360fly 4k has become an interesting option in this competitive market. In this article we explain how it works and what’s new in it compared to the HD version of 2015.

360Fly 4k Is A 360 Degrees Action Camera

360fly 4k camera

Though this is not the first 360 degrees camera but all its features looks to position this device in the field of action camera. It is resistant to shock, dust and is water resistant till 10m depth.

In addition, the camera comes with a dock or platform that is connected magnetically and serves both to transfer videos to your computer and to charge the camera.

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360Fly 4k Specifications and Characteristics

360Fly 4k Specifications
Dimensions61 x 59.5mm
Weight172 grams
Storage 64Gb Internal
Resolution2880 x 2880 pixels
ConnectivityWi-Fi [802.11b / g / n] and Bluetooth 4.0
Battery Power1.5 hours video recording and 14 hours in Standby
Battery Capacity1780 mAh Battery
SensorsAccelerometer and Gyroscope and GPS

Important news regarding the 2016 version

The first obvious change in the 360Fly 4k compared to the 360fly HD version is the resolution. It has shifted from 1504 x 1504 to 2880 x 2880. This version, unlike the HD carries a standard tripod thread. Also the only button that leads is now easier to locate thanks to an LED light surrounding it and greater size360fly 4k cameraThe other improvement in this release compared to the HD is the 4k version supports sound recording. It has mono to stereo sound and two multidirectional microphone so that it doesn’t miss out on anything. With more microphones, more holes and more depth greater pressure, the 360Fly has decided to sacrifice the ability to immerse themselves in exchange for streaming sound, which we believe has been a success.

The HD version came to light with a capacity of 16Gb which was updated in a second version to 32Gb. The 360fly 4k version comes with 64GB of storage capacity. This should be just enough to record 2 hours of video in 4K resolution.

Meanwhile, the 4K version, despite carrying a battery with more capacity (1780 mAh vs 1630 mAh), is half as powerful as the HD. We spent 1.5 hours continuously recording and with a 14 hours standby till the charge lasted.

As for sensors while the HD version featured an accelerometer,  4K version brings new gyroscope, electronic compass and GPS. These sensors have two functions: First help with stability and then add location informationto videos.

Apps available for iOS and Android

With the camera app, which is available for Android and iOS you can view, edit and share what you record. If you prefer editing videos on a computer, there is also software available for Windows and Mac

Editing within the software is quite simple, you only have the option to drag clips that you previously recorded to a kind of timeline and merge them into one

It also has some filters available similar to Instagram with which you can give good finishing touches on what you record. Once you’ve finished editing your video’s you can upload directly to Youtube or Facebook


360fly 4k camera

In short, the 360fly HD seems like a camera with a very attractive design, with many improvements over its earlier version. The picture quality, as usual, is not the best, but with this type of lenses and sensors it would be wrong to expect more quality.

We believe that 360 cameras still have a long way to go and have much room for improvement. It is difficult to know or predict when this technical transformation will occur, but 360Fly 4k is a good step towards popularizing the 360 degrees video recording.

Image Credits: Cnet

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