4G Technologies - Benefits of 4G technologies

5 Benefits Of 4G Technologies Which Will Make You Feel Blessed

4G is the fourth generation of telecommunications which is all set to provide us everything we need faster. While its introduction into devices and substitution of existing infrastructure overall improves various prospects of our day to day lives, here are 5 such applications which will get boosted with proper implementation of 4G technologies around India.


#1 Video Conferences

4G Video Conferencing

Hell ya!! There’s no way something like Video Conferences can be held if your peak Internet speeds are in kilobits per second(kbps). 4G technologies promise uninterrupted high data throughput, so that video conferences among businesses and family is much better than ever.


#2 Online Gaming

Benefits of 4G

Gone are the days when you have to play alone staying stuck with yourself. Now go over the Internet and compete with players all across the globe with lightning 4G speeds. LAN Gaming has been there for years and will now get lifted even more.


#3 High Definition TV Broadcasting

Benefits of 4G

The comfort in watching High Definition Videos in youtube is beyond you, now get direct 4G broadcasting to your homes and watch all of your favourite channels in pureHD. Soon the tariffs will also be rolled out, and hope they are not over the skies!


#4 Better Connectivity

Benefits of 4G

With special technologies like carrier aggregation, support for  MIMO; 4G technologies are all set to provide you uninterrupted services in every nook and corner of the city. These technologies promise to provide smooth hand-offs between cell towers.


#5 And of course, Download Speeds

Benefits of 4G

Needless to say, faster internet connection only means faster Internet and greater download speeds. You can simply stream high  definition videos (maybe)without buffering. Atleast we’ll not have days in which we would have to wait long for the Google webpage to load.


These are just a few factors or applications of 4G Technologies and hopefully there are a lot more left.

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