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5 Most Important Computer Components That Make Computers Work

Before you try to understand the science of computer functionality you should definitely have a basic idea of all the hardware that make up the computer. In this article we show you the components without which your computer is almost paralyzed. Note that these components are presented in the order they are assembled.

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The 5 Important Computer Components:

1.)    Case: The computer case is a very important component of your computer. It houses almost all of the required hardware. In Desktop Computers it is usually a box with lots of ports around it. In laptops it isn’t such a big box and also includes the keyboard and screen. These cases come in different sizes and shapes and these parameters have nothing to do with the performance of your computer. There are also computers which don’t have these and all the components are built into the monitor (say, All-In-One Desktops).

2.)    Motherboard: Motherboard is one of the most important computer components. Computer cases house the motherboards and motherboards hold many other components. The size of the computer case depends on the form-factor of motherboards. If you have ever known about Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) then motherboard is the PCB of your computer. Motherboards also differ from each other in the number of external connections they are capable to handle.

3.)    Central Processing Unit (CPU): The CPU also widely called the Processor is the heart of your computer. Right now you are able to see his webpage, take a glance at your computer’s clock; get notified about any external devices being connected and what not everything is taken care of by the CPU. It is single most important computer component that greatly affects performance. All the hardware and software completely rely on the CPU for their operations.

4.)     Hard-drives: Hard drives constitute the memory unit of the computer. All the computer data, operating systems and software are stored in these computer components. Mainly the significance of Hard-drives is to store and retrieve data every time your computer is turned ON. Also note that drives are different from our next component, RAM.

5.)     Random Access Memory (RAM): Even the fastest processor in the market can’t satisfy you if your RAM is low. The faster the processor the more number of calculations. While performing these calculations it requires an auxiliary component to store data which need not be for long term usage.

It is quite true that each and every component of your computer plays its role but this article is to make you aware of the most important ones.

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