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Mac vs Windows PC: 5 Reasons To Prefer A Mac

Firstly, we want to clarify that as users of both Mac and Windows PCs this post is not to start a debate over Mac vs Windows PC. We are not fanboys of the Cupertino company, but strictly tech geeks.  However, we know that the Windows PC market is slowing down and respect the fact the Windows PC occupy a major percent of market share. Inspite of its leadership in the computer industry, there are few things only a Mac is capable of delivering to the end user and here are 5 most valuable reasons we choose Mac over a Windows PC.

Mac vs Windows PC: 5 Reasons to Prefer a Mac

  1. The optimum user experience: The Mac and also other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or iWatch, have put the spotlight on design, ease management and usability. Its use is very simple because they are precisely designed to be intuitive. The OS X and iOS are simple and minimalist operating systems summing up to more than 1.3 million applications.

Mac vs windows

  1. Security on a Mac is far superior: The computer security experts attest that Apple devices are safer, plus there are a number of viruses and malicious code much lower than in the case of Microsoft computers. Even in mobile, 98% of mobile viruses belong to Android, while the percentage is less than 1 percent for iOS.

mac vs windows

  1. Increased stability and free updates. Apple creates its own software and hardware, perfectly complemented, so the combination results in greater stability for your Mac. Your operating system and your computer will hence fit like a glove. Furthermore, the manufacturing system of the portable housing is devised by itself and provides them unparalleled robustness. Plus, Apple provides updates to your operating systems without any cost. This is a common advantage in the mobile environment, but a rarity in the world of PC. For example, Mac users could upgrade their equipment to the Maverick version of OS X at no cost, something unlikely in Windows for now.

mac vs windows

  1. Ecosystem and integration between Apple devices: The mark falls to this legion of fans for the calculated integration between its devices as part of an ecosystem of applications and equipment. In its eagerness to simplify life and make use of their devices an intuitive process is simple transfer of files or to carry around music also thanks to iTunes. It should be noted the high battery life, which gives a much higher than Windows PCs autonomy. The latest version of OS X has managed to combine system processes, minimising as much as possible the cost of battery and making your notebook range is the longest in the market.

mac vs windows

  1. The high status of the Mac: Keep in mind that Mac is the device of one of the most recognized brands in the world, the second in the United States after Google. The design and graphics are more valued by consumers, who associate this product to values such as elegance and innovation, complemented by technical terms.

mac vs windows

Finally, the Mac have greater longevity compared to laptops brands. Given that the autonomy of the MacBooks is around 12 hours, the battery could last a minimum of 5 years at 100% capacity. So the mac vs windows pc debate is always on, but these are the factors that could incline customers towards Macs.

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