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This Is How Actually The USB OTG Flash Drive Works

Each and every peripheral today is provided to connect to computers through the USB (Universal Serial Bus).  Such is the level of revolution, USB technology has managed to bring in with its absolutely flawless features. An addition to that arsenal of features is the USB On-The-Go (OTG). Surely why wouldn’t one love to own a technology which could directly connect to printers and print the desired images without the involvement of the computer? That’s exactly what you can do now with the USB OTG Flash Drive technology.

The additional benefits are that, now you can carry with you a storage device which can talk to both your smart phone and any computer without any other external hardware support. Due to which transferring files between your computer and smart phones is much easier, plus you wouldn’t even have to depend on the cloud for this.


www.ncix.com , This Is How Actually The USB OTG Flash Drive Works

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All The Reasons You Should Go For USB OTG Flash Drive :

#1 Expanded Smartphone Storage

USB OTG Flash Drive is a boon for all those smartphone users, which don’t have a memory card slot. The micro-USB connector this USB OTG carries can connect these devices to most of the smartphones. Users can hence use this additional storage on their mobile phones. Like already mentioned, the best part of this feature is that you no longer have to depend on the cloud services to back up the data on your mobile phones or computers.

#2 Targeted Host Capabilities

USB OTG Flash Drive can help you set communications between two USB peripherals. With the USB OTG each of the USB peripherals including your smartphones can interchangeably used as the host or slave. For instance, when you connect this USB OTG device to a mobile phone it can act as the host and read data present in this flash drive, while when connected to a computer it offers itself as a USB Mass Storage Device.

So is the case with a printer which prints based on the instructions from the computer acting as a slave and when the USB storage device is connected directly in absence of computer, it becomes the host and takes control over reading what’s present in the USB device and printing as per requirement. Hence direct connection between OTG Flash devices can also be established.

#3 Preserves Battery Life

It is very common fact that devices can get charged up using their USB ports. The extra benefit that a USB OTG Flash Drive is that it hold charge and thus can be specifically used as a charger while you are on the go. Still the application of the USB OTG Flash Drive is under development and you can be sure to have this update any time soon.

#4 The Compatibility

The employed USB 3.0 can be used on the USB 2.0 ports because of its backward compatibility. But with just the USB 2.0 transfer speeds. When it comes to smartphones, it is compatible to a wider range of devices including all the latest models.

#5 Better Than Wireless

There is no doubt in saying this technology is indeed much better than the wireless data transfer. The wireless technology tends to get a little too slow and creepy with increasing amounts of data to be transferred. But with an USB OTG Flash Drive you wouldn’t even have to be a tad concerned about it.

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