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Here’s What The AMD Eyefinity Technology Has In Store For You [Tech Review]

Gone were the days when multiple displays were limited only to science fiction movies, oil and gas industries, medical industries where in which they are still a necessity. Now even you can set up a multi-display system at the comfort of your home but all you need is some information about the AMD Eyefinity Technology.

amd eyefinity technology

With AMD’s latest update into its arsenal of PC Graphics Technologies, you can connect upto 6 display units back to back and each of them can be independently configured with the AMD Catalyst Centre. Plus here the point to note is, you can do all this using just a single graphic card. That’s it!

So bingo you can now have 6 times the gaming experience, larger productivity, entertainment and multi-tasking at its peaks. All you have to do is research a little if your current graphic cards supports Eyefinity or purchase something that does.

A single graphic card is all you need and this could be anything amongst the AMD’s 5000 series graphic cards; all of which are likely to have the DisplayPort support which is a must. Initially, the upper 5000 series only supported a maximum of 3 displays but now 6 is the limit with the recently more debated Radeon HD 5970 graphic card.

If you’re running on a 4000 series or some earlier GPU, just to be clear; mates your graphic cards aren’t good for Eyefinity. You better move on now. Its simply because though individually they are so good, for them to mange 6 displays is really difficult. Given their low horsepower and display resolutions compared to the modern GPUs.

But with Radeon HD 5470 supporting 4 times the 2560×1600 pixels display; and the 5870 , 5770 , 5670 supporting a maximum resolution of 6 times the 2560×1600 pixels moving on to one of these from your older GPUs to exerience Eyefinity wouldn’t be so difficult; if you know what I’m talking about.

All The Eyefinity Benefits:

So lets quickly go through the benefits these products bring in. And here are a few of them listed out for you:

Gaming – A newer level of excitement

If you love racing, shooting or flying or whatever, surely you’ll play better when you see and feel better and that’s what this technology is all about.

  • Get the best view of all the action coupled with thrill and excitement of all the gameplay.
  • In first-person shooter games, feel the adrenaline rush and detect enemies faster and sharper.
  • Your love for racing is sure to get doubled or tripled.

Productivity – Maximize the use of time

There is no arguing the fact that your workplace will transform into some newer dimensions. With multiple monitors things get a lot easier and faster. As per a study, ulitple monitor setups are 29% more effective for regular tasks, with a 24% increase in comfort and a 39% better to move through the bulk of information [Source: Tomshardware].

  • Multi-task effectively and analyze more images and data across multiple screens.
  • Optimize your productivity with improved workspace and high speed data access.
  • Utilize time to the fullest with minimum mouse clicking and window switching.

Entertainment – The quality and the pleasure

Till now we are settled with the idea of having a big screen television or a home theatre PC (HTPC) but why stop there when can get a lot more,

  • Group all the monitors to form that one big screen and get the ultimate home theatre experience.
  • Watch multiple channels across different screens which mean football, music, news, movies, internet pages all at once


AMD is now busy with enabling CrossFire Technology to Eyefinity Technology through which there is a scope for more bandwidth and much improved GPU performance. Hence with Eyefinity things are only going to get better.

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