Basic Components To Create A Blog With Wordpress

Basic Components To Create A Blog With WordPress

Blogs are one of the fastest growing Web platforms that have been in recent years. Every day, hundreds of people are starting their adventure to publish and share all kinds of content, knowledge and experiences on the Internet. Some do it as a hobby, with no specific purpose. Others want to monetize their efforts and make money. Whatever your case, WordPress is undoubtedly the best choice to create a blog.

What it takes to create a blog with WordPress?

Here we present the basic and essential requirements:

Web Hosting:

Basic Components To Create A Blog With WordPress

Web hosting account is where you can host all your information online and make it accessible to your users. Without this your articles and publications could only be seen on your computer and would not be visible on the World Wide Web.

A hosting account is accessible to everyone. Around $ 9.99 per month for unlimited cPanel sites, email accounts and more.

Some Of The Recommended Hosting Companies Are: Hostgator , Bluehost


Basic Components To Create A Blog With WordPress

In addition to hosting, you also need a domain so that your blog is on the Internet. which will be your unique identification on the Web. Domain examples:,,,

The cost of a domain is approximately $ 10 USD per year. We recommend you to think alot before choosing a name, because once you buy it you can not change unless you choose a new one and have to start over from the beginning.

The name will depend largely on the purpose of your blog. If staff can take your name or you may prefer to invent an attractive and easy to remember concept. Everything depends on your needs.

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A Good Configuration:

Since you have your hosting and installed WordPress on your domain, it is time to configure it properly. This includes basic changes as users, date, email, internal SEO optimization. Design, structure and optimization. These three words define this stage.


Basic Components To Create A Blog With WordPress

The most important pillar of any blog is the content. But not just any kind of content, you need to devote time and effort to make the information we publish is of quality and really help people in the niche market we are focused.

On the Internet there are thousands of blogs containing “junk” that does not add anything special. If your plan is to be one of them, your results will not be expected. Learn how to write content that drives huge traffic to your website.

Do not hesitate to spend time writing the best possible content. They can also be videos and audios. There are no limits!

Web Traffic Plan:

Basic Components To Create A Blog With WordPress

The first weeks and months of your blog are complicated, since there is almost no Web traffic or people consuming your publications. That’s why you have to create a good traffic plan where you include the different traffic sources you will use in the future both short and long term.

These include:

The important thing is to be consistent. There is no point creating a plan if it does not implement a daily basis.Long-term approach is key here, because the results are not immediate.

This is the basic combination of needs and planning tools to start your WordPress blog. Actually, the most basic and essential is a hosting and a domain, but it is important to mention the rest because without that, the blog is not something really to work properly.

Keep your goals clear and works daily to grow your blog and achieve the results you seek.

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