How to Become a Computer Genius ?
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How to Become a Computer Genius ?

Most of us may feel we know a lot about computers but this doesn’t necessarily mean you are a ” Computer Genius “. It surely isn’t any cake walk and you must be ready to work day & night in order to become a computer genius. This article will help you understand what it really takes to become a computer genius!

Steps To Become A Computer Genius:

1. Firstly, every Computer Genius must have the minimum knowledge about the fundamentals (basic principles) of computer hardware. So better learn it. Open up your computer and have a look at the internals. Next, you should learn about the operating systems (O.S). Follow our blog to learn a lot about computer hardware and technologies.

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Example: Android/Windows/Mac/Linux. If you have a friend who is good with operating systems or computers, Then feel free to ask her/him for tips or even explanations on certain components on the computer or operating system that you are wondering about.

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2. Make use of the internet. Just go to Google and search the phrases like “computers for beginners” or You can even buy some books regarding the hardware and operating system.

Example: Computers for Dummies. Most of your answers regarding the computers can be answered by Google. If you can’t find the perfect explanation or answer on Google, then try consulting the online forums or even social networking websites such as StackOverflow.

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3. Experiment or analyze with what you know and thus know what you don’t.


4. Study computer programming languages such as Java,HTML,PHP,SQL,JavaScript,Visual basic etc. Every computer genius must know at least two or three programming languages. And even at the worst situations, you should at least know the HTML. If you are new to programming, you can get started by using a mini-computer like Raspberry Pi.

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5. Take computer classes at your school,college, or university.

6. Experiment everything with your computer and make an effort to gain something new every time that you get behind the computer.

Bonus Tips : 

1. Set up your targets. For example: Like creating a web page or any application or even some small software. This will help you to maintain your interest even you when are bored up or lost your interest.

2. To become a computer genius you should have a both passion and interest with computers.

Additionally, once you have some acquired some programming skills compete in the best programming competitions online to understand where you stand in the world.

4 thoughts on “How to Become a Computer Genius ?

  1. MUGABE SHARIF says:


    1. OnlineCmag Team says:

      Hi… Mugabe Sharif, you definitely can! Follow the tips and and very soon you will be better than many others computer users around you.

  2. steven says:

    Hey ! i especially wanna know about programming

    1. OnlineCmag Team says:

      Hey Steven,
      Before you start programming, we recommend you to go through this article on What exactly are Computer programs and How they work?. Which may help you to know the basic concept behind coding, Anyhow any programmer would definitely recommend C language to a beginner. If you are not a beginner then we may recommend you Apple’s Shift language.

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