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Top 5 Magical Augmented Reality Books To Delight Your Kids

Now, characters and books come to life, allowing students to interact and experience stories thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

With AR the art of storytelling has further diversified in a more engaging way. In addition, by merging text with digital content these compelling books encourage reading without getting bored.

To explore these AR books, all you need is an Internet connection, a smartphone, and the required app and you can live the story.

Horrible Hauntings: An Augmented Reality Collection of Ghosts and Ghouls

This exciting augmented reality book is a true masterpiece. Filled with interactive illustrations, it takes the reader across ten famous hauntings throughout history.

Viewers can see and interact with notorious and spine-chilling 3-D ghosts of these stories with an app that comes along.

You can surely escape reality and dive deep into the supernatural world with this one. Just don’t forget to turn the lights off while reading. This creepy yet interesting book will be the best Halloween gift for your kids.

Jurassic World – Where Dinosaurs Come to Life

This amazing augmented reality book takes your kids through a journey across the terrifying genetically engineered dinosaurs.

This book presents all the facts from the highly successful Jurassic World movie. Using the app, you can interact with these dinosaurs and enjoy all the action right at your home. If your kids love dinosaur stories then you should get this book right away.

Animal Kingdom Education Book

The company, Interactive Fun, released this educational AR book featuring incredible animals. Kids can take an enlightening & adventurous journey through the “Animal Kingdom”.

It is filled with a combination of text and illustrations of various animals and their habitats. Since the book is based on the Augmented Reality technology, your kids can also learn more info about these animals like their eating habits and communications with other animals as the images come to life.

The free “iA Animal Kingdom” is available for download on both the Android & Apple app stores.

iStorm: Wild Weather and Other Forces of Nature

Carlton Books publishers released this completely unique augmented reality book packed with incredibly destructive natural calamities. experience.

You can take a long look at the height of waves during a Tsunami, stand right at the center of an earthquake with complete safety. This book is a perfect medium to educate kids the Do’s and Don’ts of such tragic moments.

iStorm covers all the natural disasters from volcanoes and forest fires to floods and Tsunamis. By holding a smartphone over the pages, one can also explore Earth’s surfaces and impacts these calamities have on our planet Earth. Happy Learning!

Jack Hunter: The French Connection

This amazing AR book authored by Martin King features the character, Jack Hunter. It is a story portraying the life of a normal 13-year-old kid until there comes a twist in the tale.

This book and the series of books revolving around Jack Hunter (best suited for kids aged 11- 15) are known for its adventure and treasure hunting tales and Russian spies.

Unlike the other books listed, this books not only has interactive content (thanks to augmented reality) but also integrated games encouraging readers to find hidden coins based on few clues.

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