best resources to learn raspberry pi online
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Raspberry Pi Guide: Best Resources To Learn Raspberry Pi Online

Way back in 2012, the Raspberry Pi has caught the attention of everyone. Engineers, researchers and electronics enthusiasts fearlessly gave it a try owing to its low price. Ever since this mini PC has played a significant role in the ‘makers revolution’. But there is still one of the most confusing aspect for owners of this credit card sized computer. It is in identifying and capitalising on the best resources to learn raspberry pi online.

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In this article we have addressed this specific issue our community is facing. Below we have provided some cool websites for you to select and understand Raspberry Pi in detail. But if you are relatively new to this word ‘Raspberry Pi’, you can check out our previous article titled ‘Raspberry Pi FAQ: Everything You Need To Get Started‘ article. It is dedicated to answering some basic details about this device beginners and experts have about using this device.

best resources to learn raspberry pi online

To get started with the question for this post i.e. the best resources to learn Raspberry Pi Online, continue reading and make sure you bookmark these websites.

Best Resources To Learn Raspberry Pi Online:

Official Website:

There’s no better place to start than the official website of Raspberry Pi. Chances are you must have already been through this website while purchasing your Raspberry Pi. If at all you missed it then you must definitely check out this website. It houses a lot of news around this mini computer which can truly inspire you to go big. There are also guides to help you begin your first experiments.

YouTube Channels

RaspberryPi4Beginners and TheRaspberryGuy are two go to Youtube channels for beginners. These both channels feature videos showing you how to get your Raspberry Pi up and running explaining some important terminology and techniques along the way. Even if you haven’t done a lot of programming before, these channels will help you learn a bit of it now.

Raspberry Pi Course

Talking of courses to learn Raspberry Pi online, none can match the standards of the Raspberry Pi course offered by the University of Cambridge. This course is complete and free and a perfect fit for those who have electronics and programming skills and looking to up their game. Once you are done with this course, you will gain insights into running operating systems on Raspberry Pi models. Hopefully you will also develop one to suit your needs.

Projects and Build Tutorials

You can select the best resource that suits you from the above four and learn quite a lot. All these resources will help you understand the whats and hows required. But this next online resource follows a completely different path. Are you are interested to dare going past the initial settings and testing the benchmarks of the Raspberry Pi models? Then your project ideas will make match at Lifehacker; the right resource for you. It is packed with a lot of projects for ones like you. Once you are clear with the basics you will enjoy the most being here.

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