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The Upcoming Changes To New iPhone Models

This fall Apple is expected to launch two of its new iPhone models, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. Before they are actually launched, we have decided to make a rundown on what to anticipate from these newer models. Don’t forget to share your ideas as well below in the comments section.

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new iphone model

Force Touch Technology On iPhones

There would probably be no changes to the screen sizes of these upcoming iPhone models. But there are chances for a little change in the overall body thickness with force touch technology being introduced to iPhones.

Force Touch technology and its software allows pressure sensitive touch controls and is already an integral part of the Apple Watch and latest MacBooks. These models physically could be considered to follow its predecessors much like the previous ’S’ models, with only a few changes to implement force touch scenario suitable for iOS.


Internal Changes

A majority of these changes coming up could be internal. With rumours of the upgradation of processing power using A9 processors and RAM upgradation is possible. If upgraded it will be the first upgradation to the iPhone RAM after several years and helps developers build better apps.

This will allow more apps to be running alongside the main thread thus providing all the necessary updates to the user. The storage capacities are reportedly going to stay the same i.e. the usual 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models. Qualcomm has also been putting in a lot of efforts to develop the best possible networking equipment consuming lower power.



Camera is one other such area in which tremendous changes are expected. Both front and rear cameras are probably going to get better and the later could be upgraded to 12-megapixels too. 4K video support and HD video recording could also become reality in this fall. With the selfie trend going on, there could also be significant improvement to the front camera (upto 5 megapixels).


These are a few changes we have been hearing a lot about. Let’s hope there are a lot more packed for this fall. Do share your view below in the comments section. 

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