How to clear the CMOS to reset the BIOS settings?
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How To Clear CMOS Memory To Reset BIOS Settings

Occasionally, we may find that our computer suffers hardware problems that we don’t understand and do not know how to solve. One possible solution to these problems could be resetting the BIOS settings by clearing the CMOS memory. Today we are going to explain different ways to perform this process.


What is CMOS?

It’s stores information used by the BIOS to set the system configuration during startup. The adjustments made have to do with the speed of buses or even with clock frequency of the processor itself. These settings may be incorrect to such an extent that it can not perform normal boot. Even then, you can fix that, and in a relatively simple manner. All you have to do is delete all information that is stored in the CMOS so that the BIOS runs the factory settings, which should allow the computer to boot up normally unless the error is elsewhere.


How To Empty The CMOS Memory ?

Method 1 : BIOS Setup :

If the reason you want to clear the CMOS memory is because of a hardware compatibility then this method can solve it. But you should atleast reach the window from which we can access to the BIOS. If so, the easiest way to empty your memory is through self BIOS menu.

Access the boot menu :

How To Clear The CMOS Memory To Reset The BIOS Settings

When you restart your computer you will find a window with boot information that disappears in a second. This is the window of the motherboard, and usually in the lower section of the screen it shows the key to access the BIOS menu. Most often, we see keys like F2, F8, F12 or Delete depending on the manufacturers. If you were not given enough time to press it, reboot the computer to access the BIOS menu.
Once in this menu, you need to find the reset options, which may appear with the title “Reset to default”, “Load factory defaults”, “Clear BIOS settings” , or something like that. Select this option, and perform a factory reset.


Method 2: By Motherboard :

How To Clear The CMOS Memory To Reset The BIOS Settings

If for some reason you can not access the BIOS, you will need to access the computer’s motherboard. If it’s a laptop, will not be a simple process, although it is likely that you find in manuals Internet on removing that particular laptop. Anyway, you have to get to the motherboard, and having done so, locate the button cell. We are not going to use in this case, because all we want is a switch that should appear near the battery, which is there for us to reset the CMOS memory. It is best to seek the information about the model of the motherboard and manual sections in order to reset the memory. However, in almost all computers the process is similar. Just locate the switch called “CLEAR CMOS”, “CLEAR”, “CLR CMOS”, “PASSWORD” or something like that, and then activate it for a few minutes. Then turn it off as it was. The memory should have been deleted. Just make sure that the motherboard is not connected to an electrical outlet, and you’ve gotten rid of static electricity, which could damage the motherboard.


Method 3: Remove the battery :

How To Clear The CMOS Memory To Reset The BIOS Settings


If we can not access the BIOS, nor is there this button, then we have no choice but to remove the battery. This battery powers the CMOS memory so that it does not lose the information. To withdraw for a few minutes, the memory is erased and the factory settings are used. Removing  the battery could be easier or harder, depending on the motherboard. Indeed, in some cases it is impossible to remove.

How To Clear The CMOS Memory To Reset The BIOS Settings

If this is your case, do not try to remove it. Chances are that your motherboard does have the button to reset the memory, but if not, just try to cut power between the battery and the plate. You could do it with a sheet of non-conductive material.


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