What To Do When Your Computer Is Running Really Slow
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What To Do When Your Computer Is Running Really Slow

Do you have a high-speed Internet connection or dial-up but cannot harness its power on your slow PC? Don’t have the patience or the time to let your computer run so slow?

Sometimes you have to face facts and accept that your computer is not the fastest in the world. But, there’s got to be a way out right? Here’s what we have for you.

Step 1: Be patient

What To Do When Your Computer Is Running Really Slow

Yes, you are in a hurry and want to get things done fast. But you have to be a little practical here. Clicking in haste or refreshing the page continuously will only add to the problem.

This will further overload and confuse your PC hardware that in turn drags it further. Do not overdo it, just let the computer come back to normal. Patience is key here.

Step 2: Clear Unnecessary Items

Clean your computer by removing unnecessary or unused documents. If you have empty space on your computer, it will run faster. Clean your Recycle Bin occasionally to remove unnecessary files.

Step 3: Buy new parts for your computer

If any part of your computer is not working well or if you have an older computer, consider improving those part with a more updated parts.

It is best to keep your computer up so that you go faster and can do more!

Step 4: Forget the videos

If you have dial-up Internet, it could take half an hour to download a video of one or two minutes. Unless you can let your computer to download it without any discomfort. Can you live without watching videos online!

Finally A Piece of Advice

If you are frustrated by the speed of your computer, consider changing the operating system to Ubuntu or Fedora or a much lighter distro of Linux based on your requirements.

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These operating systems run faster and are free. If your computer is very old, consider using a distro (distribution) made specifically for older computers, like Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux or Ubuntu.

Warning: If you decide to install Linux on your old computer, avoid using old distributions that are no longer supported.

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