dexmo vr gloves
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Dexmo VR Gloves Are Dexta Robotics Initiative To Touch & Feel Objects Of Virtual World

Virtual reality is already among us and now the next step is to exploit all its possibilities. For this there is a need for compatible accessories. Apparently the most important thing is to extend the experience to other senses. Currently the entire focus is only on the eyes but being in a situation with free flowing eye-sight is not sufficient for truly immersive experience. So we have started to see the emergence of special gloves for virtual reality from various comapnies.

dexmo vr gloves

Dexta Robotics is a Chinese startup that for a couple of years has been experimenting with Dexmo VR Gloves. Dexmo VR Gloves are robotic devices in the form of gloves and serves to interact with the virtual worlds. After more than 20 prototypes it has reached what one that could be the final version. Unlike the other developments, this has technology that lets you realistically feel like we’re playing with virtual objects.

Dexmo VR Gloves, the sense of touch comes to virtual reality

The idea of having a glove for virtual reality is not new. There were several other projects like Manus VR, Gest but these provide a haptic response to our virtual interactions. This is similar to what happens with the controls of the HTC Vive and other accessories currently available on the market.

Dexmo goes beyond this because it is not just a glove with sensors, it is a mechanic, or exoskeleton glove, equipped with 11 degrees of freedom of movement that is capable of providing variable force feedback to each finger. With this we can hold objects within virtual worlds and feel the resistance force that apply.

According to its creators, the glove is lightweight and comfortable, so it may be used for long periods of time, it is also cordless and battery lasts for around 6 hours. Because of its wide range of use, Dexmo could serve not only for games but also in training, medicine and education. This opens up possibilities also for augmented reality and even mixed reality.

The bad news is that it does not have a price or a release date yet. This is because its creators are still refining few details of its operation. The recent opening of HTC Vive platform to third-party accessories makes it more likely that this is the first compatible system.

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