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How To Earn Money Online With Google AdSense Program

A great and easy way to get started making money on your website is with Google AdSense. In short, you earn money with Google Adsense by displaying relevant ads on your website. The key word here is “relevant” ads.

How Can You Earn Money With Google AdSense

The distinguishing factor in AdSense from other typical ad models is that AdSense looks at the content on your website. Google reads all the text on your page and determines from the text which ads to show. In order for this model to work, it requires of course a lot of advertisers and this is where AdSense has its strength. Many online stores are registered to the AdSense counterpart AdWords.

What is AdWords and what it has to do with AdSense?

AdWords are the ads you see on the top and right side of Google after you make a search. The AdSense program allows you to display these ads on your own website and thereby earn money for each visitor you send to an online store.

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You “sell” a little space on your page. Every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads you’ve set up through the AdSense program, you get paid.

A major advantage of the Google AdSense program is that there is no maintenance. You just need to put a piece of code into your site. And then, AdSense will take care of showing relevant ads to your visitors.

AdSense works like this:

  1. You have a website with a lot of good content and thereby targeted visitors.
  2. You’ve signed up for AdSense program and added the necessary code so that AdSense displays relevant ads to your visitors.
  3. One of your visitors now see a relevant ad, clicks on the ad and becomes linked directly to the advertiser’s website.
  4. Since you now refer a potential customer to an advertiser you will be paid an amount for your reference. This is how finally you will be able to earn money with Google Adsense Program.

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How much will I get paid per reference / per click?

How much you get per click depends on a few factors. First of all, the topic you write about is of great importance. In some subject areas, advertisers are willing to pay far more than in other areas.

Because the ads displayed in the AdSense is based on an action system, competition within the given field also affects how much you get paid per click. So you can get everything from a few pennies and up to 100, or more if it is a highly competitive topic.

Typically, the payment per click will get you a few cents or less. Hence to earn money with Google AdSense program having more number of viewers is typically a necessity.

The easiest way to test whether there is a potential to make money in your niche is to put AdSense code into your website. As mentioned, there are differences in how much a given site can fetch using AdSense so testing is actually the only way to get an answer.

Note:  You should never click on your own AdSense ads or get some friends to do it. Not even for testing as this is against the rules of using the AdSense program. If you click on your own ads you risk being excluded from the AdSense program. Once that happens it is impossible to get your account back.

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Optimize your AdSense ads and earn more

There are many opportunities to optimize the way your AdSense ads appear on. By experimenting with the placement of the ads, the colors of the ads, different ad formats, design of your website etc. you can improve the amount of money you earn from AdSense many times.

Note that it is possible, but difficult to earn big money from AdSense. If have you the right amount of traffic, desired amounts of and optimized the display of the ads correctly, however, you are well on your way.

I also recommend that you take a look at the book The Adsense Code by Joel Comm. Here you will get lots of good tips and tricks on how to earn money with Google AdSense program.

You’ll also find several Google AdSense earnings tips & tricks on this page and can learn how to insert Google AdSense code in WordPress.

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