BackUp Your Computer
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Easy Way To Backup Your Computer

Now a days many people are using computers to store there personal memories, documents, and even various other segments of information or data that need to be kept for a long periods of time . Backing up a computer is very essential for retaining your short term or long term documents around.

BackUp Your Computer

1. Get a suitable storage device:

You will need a gadget or device which is capable of storing all the data which you want to backup. The storing capacity of the device should be at least twice the size of the hard drive which you are trying to back up. In such cases an external hard drive is the best choice.
You can even backup your computer by creating a partition, if you are willing to use your current system or computer as a backup device . But you should be aware,  that this is not a safe option, as the system still remains open to viruses (or malware) and hard drive failure.

2.Plugin the device into your computer:

By using a USB cable or even any other method of connection, plugin the storage device into your computer which you want to backup. Inserting the device should instantly generate a dialog box asking you ” what you would like to do with it “. Under the options section you will find ” use the device as a backup and open File History ” . Choose this option.

3. Advanced Settings:

Once the program has started, you can change some of the settings in the ” Advanced Settings ”  section . This will allow you to choose how often the computer makes a backup or how long files are be kept or how much space is to be allotted .

4.Selecting a backup drive:

After the proper configuration , make sure that the right backup drive is chosen (the external drive is selected by default).

5. Turn on your backup process:

With all of the settings entered perfectly, click on “Turn on”. This should automatically start the process of backup. Be aware that the first backup may take some time ( So be patient ). That’s it you are done!


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