Erases All Traces Of Your Activity In A Click
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Erase All Traces Of Your Activity In A Click

One of our biggest worries is the privacy and security of Internet browsing, for that we have always been trying to teach you new tricks and some small tips, for example, how to start the incognito mode of Google Chrome by default , and also something like how to encrypt your hard drive without using Truecrypt and how to protect your computer from spyware but all this advice is to protect you from those bad guys on the Internet and today we are here again for you with one more of those tips.

Erases All Traces Of Your Activity In A Click

Erases All Traces By Using Browser Cleaner :

This time we want to help you remove all your junk activity on computers like where you’ve been surfing or just making use of them , all with one button, for free and also without requiring any installation, simply using the application ” Browser Cleaner “. It is available for you at the end of the article as usual. Here’s a little about Browser Cleaner.

Browser Cleaner allows you to erase all navigation data and much more , it can also erase data that may be susceptible to corrupt your privacy. It can even go a step further and delete Windows files, user data, recently opened documents , data stored in toolbar , etc.

Erases All Traces Of Your Activity In A Click

No doubt it is one of the most complete and essential tools related to the deletion of data and the protection of your privacy. Its operation is also pretty simple, all you need is to move on to the tab where you want to delete your trace and click on Clear Now, after which there will be no single trace in your computer where you executed whatsoever. Of course Browser Cleaner can help you while using public computers where you don’t want to leave your data open to anyone. We can do it on any computer that pay us or we use, remember that it needs no installation and you can simply run it from your Pen Drive.

We recommend you to take this tool on hand and run it every time whenever you use a computer that’s not yours or before lending yours to others. Safety First!

TCP Monitor | Browser Cleaner installable version

TCP Monitor | Browser Cleaner Portable version

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