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What exactly are Computer programs and How they work?

Well, you might have been familiar with a few programming languages or at least heard about them somewhere. But what are all these for? What do all these computer programs mean? Why does anyone have to learn programming languages? If any of such questions ever occurred to you, then today this article is going to answer them all.

Computer Program

This is Why A Computer Program Is Written:

Even though computers perform tasks at great speeds without getting tired; remember that after-all they are just machines with no IQ whatsoever. They simply can’t do anything without being instructed. Their powers are so very limited and just like many other electronic devices they count on 1s and 0s for everything. So the thing is, they are to be instructed and this is done via computer programs. Hence the capabilities of any computer drops down to the different programs it contains and the instructions these programs carry with them.

This Is How A Computer Program Works:

A program (self-written or purchased) contains various set of instructions the computer has to follow to get a particular job done. The only reason why you are able to read this article is because your web browser instructs your computer to convert the HTML code present on the remote computer into text and images which your computer displays to you.

Basically how a computer program works is, they continuously notify the computer what to do next. This may look simple to the eye but for a computer it is lot of work. A computer program instructs the computer how it should receive input, and then how to manage and manipulate it and what sort of an output it should deliver. Also depending on the type of program the inputs to be accepted change, the way input is manipulated and consequently the output changes.

Programming Means Problem Solving:

Programming from long is considered as problem solving. It prepares the computer to tackle various problems it is likely to face at run time. And since the world is full of problems, there isn’t any end for programming.

But the quality of programming depends on how well every minute detail is addressed. In a simple word processor program, it may be sufficient to address issues like understanding what character is being pressed, how and where it is to be displayed and if incase a shortcut is used, how exactly the word processing program should react.

But if you consider a game, several different prospects come into picture again depending on the depth of the game you want to prepare. It could be a simple tic-tac-toe or a much complex FIFA14. As said, the level of programming determines the quality and what the computer can do while that particular program runs.


So you can make your computer do whatever you want because programming is easy. But the worst part is, it is time taking. To think of every possible problem that constitutes your main problem and writing a solution to each one of them is the crucial part. It is obviously much worse than telling children what to do. Until and unless you specify exactly everything in a computer program, your computer just doesn’t do what you want it to do. Because after all it only is a machine!


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