Most Important Google AdSense Earnings Tips For Beginners
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Most Important Google AdSense Earnings Tips For Beginners

When coming to your Google AdSense earnings, they are a lot of different things you should be aware of. In this article you will get to know about the most important Google AdSense Earnings Tips and tricks that can help you to enhance and ensure your future Google AdSense earnings.

Google AdSense Earnings Tips For Beginners

How much can I earn from AdSense?

The above questions are equivalent to asking: how much can You Earn From Google Adsense ? As you can see, there is no definitive answer to this. Surely it is what you sell, where the store is located, how many customers you have and so on.

The same is true with AdSense. How much money you can make using Adsense depends on what you write about, how you build your content, where your visitors come from, your website’s structure and so on.

You can earn anywhere from nothing per month way upto multiple thousands of dollars. With the right effort, it would be realistic to earn a few thousand dollars a month by six months. But, this depends solely on your own efforts and you then you may end up higher or lower.

However, there are people who live exclusively of their revenue collected from AdSense, so there is an absolutely possibility to earn money on AdSense.

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Never click on your own ads – not even to test

Either way, you should never click on your own AdSense ads. This is a violation against Google’s AdSense rules and can lead to exclusion of the AdSense program. If you are once ruled out of AdSense program, it is very difficult to get it back and for most, it never happens.

It is completely Google’s choice whether to like you or not and allow you to be a part of their AdSense program, there’s no challenging that. Therefore the best advice is never click on your own ads, unless you want your AdSense account to be closed.

My AdSense ads are not relevant to my content

Sometimes it may happen that your AdSense ads are not relevant to your content. This can be caused by several different factors. But, this has a great affect  on your AdSense earnings and therefore it is important to be aware of these.

  • The more obvious the topic of your website is the more relevant the ads will be displayed. But if you are writing about unrelated topics on your blog, it is difficult for AdSense to guess what your website is about.
  • If your pages are not search engine optimized it is difficult for AdSense to infer what keywords your articles are about.
  • Or the simple reason for no relevant ads could be simply because there are few advertisers with ads within your chosen niche.

If you have not yet inserted the AdSense targeting code then try this. With these tags you can make AdSense display ads within the content of your page. Use section targeting to mark the main text on your pages you want the focus to be on.

<! – Google_ad_section_start ->
The article here
<! – Google_ad_section_end ->

What is a normal click though rate?

When it comes to AdSense, there is a big difference between what clickthrough is. I have seen websites where it is at 0.05% and others where it is over 10%. Click through rate depends on many factors.

  • Where the AdSense ads are placed on the page and how many are there? Ads placed in the middle of the field will typically provide more clicks.
  • What formats and colors you are using on your AdSense ads? The higher the ad units are the more clicks you will typically get. Colors ad units may also have a major influence on how many people click through.
  • What kind of articles you write? For example, product reviews will have typically high clickthrough. If you write articles about topics that are not product related in any way, clickthrough typically be very low.

Why do I get clicks, but no payment?

This usually happens if you under “Account Settings”> “Access and authorization”> “Edit” has put a check mark in the “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account.”

Be sure to add your website in the box if you wish to use this feature, otherwise your AdSense earnings will always be zero.

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