How To Get Huge Traffic To Your Website By Using Long Tail Keywords

Go For Long Tail Keywords And Get More Visitors To Your Website

Common mistake that most of the beginners commit when it comes to search engine optimization of Contents is to go after the keywords where there is too much competition. The result of this is that you don’t actually get expected visitors from Google despite the fact that you have set yourself a goal and continually working to improve your rankings in the search results. But Instead you can come up to the first page of search results by using Long Tail Keywords.

How To Get Huge Traffic To Your Website By Using Long Tail Keywords

Although it is much harder to get visitors from Google search results today than it was a few years ago, you can still receive many free visitors from Google. However, it is a necessity in the beginning to focus on longer term otherwise it is today simply too hard to come up on page one.

Go For Long Tail Keywords And Get More Customers From Google

Long tail keywords are keywords that are composed of several words. The number of potential customers is small, but this is offset by the opportunity to get some good rankings on page one instead.

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Virtually all traffic from Google comes from search results on page one. There is no point in trying to compete with the big brands at the most obvious keyword as it is very difficult to get a good seat on page one.

Google’s Keyword Planning Can Help You Find Some Good Keywords

A good tool to find long tail keywords is Google’s own keyword planner. For Example, I just want to know what are the keywords related to authentic marketing that have high search rate. In the below screenshot you can see the top searched keywords along with their Avg. Monthly search and the level of competition.


Here they are about 37,720 searches for the keyword “Marketing Strategy” in a month which therefore would be a really good word to be found, but how do we find out how much competition there is for placement on page one in the search results?

One of the best tools to find out how much competition is there on a given keyword is Market Samurai. Market Samurai performance an analysis on all the websites that appear on page one in the search results for that specific keyword.

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Here I have enter “Home Security System” in Market Samurai I get the following result:


Green color indicates that it has less competition to get on page one of the search results. As can be seen, the competition is high and it is large and well-established websites vying for seats. Most of these Websites are well established years ago, have good page rank, contains a large number of articles and has many inbound links.

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With less competitive keywords there is actually a chance to win a position on page one. The number of searches are also much lower, but in the end it will give more visitors when we actually have a chance to get a seat – also in the foreseeable future.

Market Samurai has also a lot of other handy tools to find good keywords in your niche. Eg. you can easily get the program to create a list of keywords where there is little competition, but great potential to get traffic.

Market Samurai can do a keyword analysis in 2 minutes. Manually a corresponding keyword analysis take a day to perform. Market Samurai saves you plenty of time and bring more attention to keywords where you can more easily get traffic from. In short, Market Samurai worth every penny. Make it a habit to go for the slightly less competitive keywords, it will eventually turn into quite a lot of visitors.

Is it necessary to have Market Samurai?

Market Samurai makes it much easier to find good keywords for your website. All the data as Market Samurai uses is freely available, but it takes a very long time to collect and analyze this data. It offers a free 14 day trial, so if nothing else, you can make a super list of keywords to use in the future.

Whether you choose Market Samurai or not, I hope this article has made it clear to you how much you can get out to go after long tail keywords. Which keywords you target from your articles can make a huge difference to your rankings in Google search.

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