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How Do I Insert Google AdSense Into My WordPress WebSite?

Google AdSense is the simplest and the most easiest way to make money from your website. Particularly if your website is still new and the incoming traffic is low, AdSense program is what you can rely on.

Before inserting Google AdSense code, or even thinking about it, first check if you are implementing the following steps. Without these steps, it would make no sense of holding a AdSense account.

Once you are done with these basic steps you can carry forward with inserting AdSense code. To insert Google AdSense on your WordPress blog there are a wide variety of AdSense plugins available for WordPress. In fact, there are so many that it can be overwhelmingly difficult to find out which ones suit your needs. I use the plugin called ‘Easy AdSense’. This plugin makes it possible to place AdSense ads within the text itself. Many of the other AdSense plugins do not provide this option.

insert google adsense into website

I encourage you to continue the search for a best WordPress plugin to insert Google AdSense code if Easy AdSense does not satisfy your needs. But, in most cases this plugin, Easy AdSense, will cover most of your needs.

  • To install Easy AdSense plugin, in your WordPress control panel, select “plugins”> “Add new”
  • Search Easy AdSense, install and activate the Easy AdSense plugin.
  • Now click on “Settings”> Easy AdSense. You now have access to all settings for Easy AdSense. There is individual description for the fields and allows more or less.

All you have to do is copy the ad codes from AdSense and then paste the code in the boxes where you want the ads to be shown on your blog.

When it comes to AdSense, it’s greatly important to test ads and thereby continuously improve one’s clickthrough rate. How many click throughs you generate also largely depend on what kind of website you have, what you write about and how you build your content.

Remember that what works on a given site may not work on another. The only way forward is to test what works and what does not. If you still have any questions regarding AdSense you may want to read how you earn money with Google AdSense or go directly to AdSense earnings tips & tricks for everyone.

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