laptop lifespan , laptop lifespan,laptop lifespan
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How Long Should You Expect Your Laptop To Last ?

Be it a laptop or any other electronic device, the longer it lasts directly depends on how well you take care of it’. In particular, the average time a computer lasts is around 5 years. But in most of the cases what happens is people don’t get to see the so-called ‘death’ of their computer; they generally go for some other new model in the market. This is because by then the specifications they were using would already be below par the minimum requirements in modern computers. But if you were to use your laptop till the end, this article will help you identify a few factors which could help you estimate your laptop lifespan or if possible notch up few years to your computer’s life.

laptop lifespan , laptop lifespan,laptop lifespan

Factors Which Help You To Expect Your Laptop Lifespan :

1.Warranty Period :

It might seem a little ridiculous to start off with the warranty, but dear friend that’s at least the minimum time you could expect your laptop to last at the worst case. Yeah simply go through the instructions while you are purchasing the laptop and make sure you don’t void your warranty. Also if you have an extended warranty offer, make sure you hold on to all those papers. And don’t get your hands dirty and try opening the case for battery changes if required, stay cool and let the technicians take care of the mess.

2. The Hardware Aspect :

Generally most of the laptops die due to their hardware issues. The first component that gives off is the hard drive, owing to its mechanical parts. Anyway, it comes down to the price you put to purchase your laptop. Because the undeniable fact is you get a cheap laptop only because the components within it are a little low on their quality compared to those big buck components.

It’s not only about the cost but with different products manufacturers keep on trying some new combination of components which could either be beneficial or detrimental.

3. Usage :

The way you maintain and the tasks you perform also affect your laptop ‘s lifespan. It is simply because of the concept of heat. Though it is common, but the heat generated as a resultant of overworked hardware could harm your components. Mainly you come through such incidents when you do some tough stuff (like gaming or running advanced graphics software) with your laptops. Also make sure you are using registered antivirus software to protect your laptop from viruses.

4. Maintenance :

Proper care will definitely help your laptop last longer. You could take measures like regularly removing the dust from your laptops, using laptop cooling pads; good quality laptop bags while travelling and also make sure there never are any liquids around your laptop. These little measures will surely keep your laptop up for a 4 or 5 years beyond that it depends primarily on the hardware quality.

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